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Looking to acquire self confidence?

Hi, I'm Rohit, a professional Self Development Coach. At Zifcare, I've helped 20,000+ people to become more confident and happy through simple habit changes and mindset shifts. I'm a B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur, an MBA from IIM Indore and a Meditation Teacher from Lakulish Yoga University. My own life experiences have led me to create Zifcare – so that we as a community can achieve our goals together.

Zifcare Gold Features

One annual price – We add new courses and content regularly!

Self Development Video Course

Get detailed step-by-step instructions on how to start planning your ideal self. Become more mindful, confident and resilient.

Audio Courses

Listen to incredibly powerful life-changing ideas and detailed plans on how to make changes in life to overcome anger, to avoid negativity, to develop self-love and much more. Get access to all the tools to learn how to become your best self.

Advanced AI Dairy/Journal

Get access to our most-loved feature loved by youth and adults alike – The Zifcare Diary or Journal. With unlimited entries, mood trackers, journal prompts, note writing, advanced analytics. This is truly India's most advanced Artificial Intelligence powered digital diary to help you vent and track your thoughts.

Zifcare Email Newsletter

Every week, we send out an email newsletter to our members with the best tools and techniques for Self Development. Get all the information you need to grow, straight to your email inbox. And we promise: No spam!

Transform your life

At Zifcare, we’ll provide you with the mental tools and frameworks to create the mindset that will help you build confidence, shape your personality and create the life that you have always desired!

Premium courses for building confidence, increasing self-awareness, reducing anxiety and many others

Structured meditation series to become more calm, overcome fear, increase happiness and others

Premium articles, podcasts and sleep music

Affirmations for reprogramming the subconscious mind

Scientific techniques for Self Development

Self Development Courses

Here are some of the latest courses we've added to the Zifcare Gold Library. We keep adding new content every month.

Dealing with negativity

With the world around us in constant turmoil, there is an unprecedented amount of negative information and pessimistic thoughts affecting us, which we need to deal with for our mental well-being.

Self love

Self love is a basic human necessity to accept that leads to regard for one's own well-being.

Anger management

We are in control of our thoughts and actions, and if we train our mind to not act in a state of anger we can overcome it.

Manage anxiety

Anxiety affects all of us. We need to learn how to live our life in a way that allows us to function normally at work and in personal life by overcoming our fears.

And much,much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zifcare Gold?

Zifcare Gold is a members-only subscription service for Self Development. It's designed to be a companion in the journey to self development – by building confidence, overcoming fears, becoming more positive, learning to meditate and more.


Who runs Zifcare?

Zifcare is fully owned and operated by Rohit Chopra, India's #1 Self Development Coach. He's a B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur, an MBA from IIM Indore and a Meditation Teacher from Lakulish Yoga University.


Is my payment secure?

Yes, we use the Razorpay payment gateway to ensure security and reliability.


What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major forms of digital payments such as UPI, Credit and Debit cards, Net Banking and others.


Is there any limit on usage of the Zifcare website? When will I get access to my Gold subscription?

No, there is no limit. Zifcare Gold annual subscription gives you unlimited access to all features for one year. You will get immediate access to your Zifcare Gold subscription once you complete the online payment. If you face any issue, please email us at admin@zifcare.com and we'll resolve it ASAP.


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