DO's and DONT's of Self-care

Some self-care for not just the hectic days but even the chilled, calm days because it self-care every day, not just the days your mental health is down

Do's: Each day in the morning, make a schedule for the remaining hours of the day and plan them well, make sure you take out time for yourself too in that whole schedule, just some me-time and lastly, you will be quick to pick out small mistakes you make in the day but also remember to celebrate all the small achievements you make, anything that you that makes you happy should be celebrated.

Dont's: Don’t stop or put off hair, skin and body care. That is also an integral part of self-care, but also don’t use the self-care philosophy to be excessive in self-care which can be harmful to the mental health, and lastly, everyone messes up things each day, whether small or big, don’t beat yourself over those issues because each day is a new chance to make improvements

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