Best Sources for a Stable Mental-health

Count how many items you already check on the given list

Just like our body needs vitamins and minerals to stay fit physically, here is a list of things we need to stay mentally healthy and fit.

  • An optimum and appropriate amount of sleep (6-8 hours daily)
  • A group of non-toxic, positive friend (social) circle
  • A healthy and balanced diet (Tip: try to have as many colours on your plate as possible)
  • Regular exercising of any kind- this could be gymming, dancing, running, playing a sport, or walking.
  • Learning a new skill or indulging in an uplifting hobby for yourself
  • Endless fight for self-love, each day every day
  • Taking out some time for yourself without fail, every day
  • Seeking professional help when needed (a counselling psychologist or therapist)

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