Niharika Srivastava

Verified Professional

Counselling Psychologist


I offer a confidential, compassionate space to explore the fullness of yourself and allows you to reconnect with the lost, neglected parts of you


  • Individual Counselling, Group Counselling, Couple/ Family Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy


  • Bachelor of Arts + Masters of Arts (BA + MA) - Clinical Psychology: Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - California Hypnosis Institute, USA
  • Certified Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (RECBT) - AltMindShift, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Qualified Assistant Professor - University Grants Commission (UGC) National Eligibility Test (NET) , India


From a young age, I knew I wanted to help others. After exploring various careers, I finally found my calling when I became a certified Mental Health Professional in 2017, and I haven’t looked back since. Over the years, I have gathered a diversified background of experience working with adolescents and adults with a range of psychological vulnerabilities. I provide a comprehensive set of services to help boost your confidence and offer support as you navigate your personal health and wellness challenges. I work with clients closely in order to achieve measurable results that allow them to push forward with a new, positive mindset. I started Feelings Forward as an Instagram Handle during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I believe that growing and evolving to lead fuller, wholesome lives is key to one’s holistic health and well-being. I strive to support my clients to explore the depths of their inner world in an empathetic, caring, safe and holding space.
My aim is to disseminate information, raise awareness, de-stigmatise and advocate for mental health needs. a. Stress Management b. Anxiety & Healthy Coping c. Depression & Loneliness d. Personal Growth / Self Exploration e. Relationships f. Child & Adolescent g. Work/ Academic Pressure and Career h. Trauma resolution i. Aggression and Anger j. Eating, food & body issues k. Self Esteem & Confidence

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