Dr. Neepa Choksi

Verified Professional

Purpose Coach



Purpose Coach, Narrative Practitioner and Access Bars Practitioner supporting individuals and teams in unleash their full potential


  • Narrative Therapy, Purpose and wellness coaching, confidence building, soft skills training


  • MBBS, University of Mumbai
  • Purpose Coach, Edify Labs
  • Access Bars Practitioner, Access Consciousness


• Help individuals across age groups to identify their core values and purpose and align it with their interests to facilitate a nourishing future. • Equip individuals with tools of positivity and resilience to assist them unearth their potential towards a meaningful life. • Through the unique Group Whatsapp challenge created to increase awareness, impacted over 300 teenagers aspiring to be entrepreneurs through 'Teenpreneuers Challenge'. • Firmly believe 'The growth of my client decides my growth'

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