Why “The just-do-it attitude” is the key to success


Paridhi Laddha

Psychology Associate

What is the ‘just-do-it’ attitude?

It is to start with your work immediately and get things done.

It means - not wasting time on doing unnecessary analysis; not wasting time on learning unnecessary skills; not wasting time by being lazy; and not wasting time in wishful thinking.

Too many times, we find ourselves struggling with an idea, or several ideas, and spend so much time on analyzing each one of them that we end up doing nothing.

Whether you are running a business or running your personal life, the key to truly make a change is you need to take action.

If you want to succeed in life, work hard and make a change, you have to stop just thinking about work, and actually start working on it.

We know that execution is more important than the idea. To accomplish your goals, you've to actually start someday and do your work. And a good way to start doing your work is to inculcate the right attitude - the “Just Do It attitude”.

When to use it?

When you're stuck with several ideas at a time, pick one idea, and start working on it right away. When you've already thought about an idea a hundred times, and you definitely want to do it, just start working on it today itself. Don't wait for tomorrow, you’ve probably waited long enough.

That tomorrow rarely comes. By just doing your work you'll find that doing teaches you more than thinking, you'll learn more from it than thinking about a hundred ideas.

You can apply it everywhere in your life:
Want to start your blog, just start it today.
Want to learn design, just start learning today.
Want to create a website, start working for it today.

What are you waiting for?

Don't you need time to think about new ideas and tough problems?

Surely, you do. But what's more important is the way you think. One hour of deep thinking produces better results than a hundred hours of superficial thinking. Instead of just daydreaming for a long time, take a pen and paper, analyse your ideas and then take the decision that seems best.

The key is to think just for the right amount of time, and once you make the decision – just do it and don't stop till you finish it. Thinking the same thing over and over again won’t ever help.

When you've already thought about doing something and are sure you want to do it, don't spend your precious energy in procrastinating. Do it and see for yourself how things turn out. You’ll be ok no matter what.

1. Plan slow ahead

A lot of times we keep ruminating and fantasizing: How I will do this or 5 years from now if my company becomes big I will hire 100 employees, etc.

I do agree that being far-sighted is good, having a plan is important but what we do wrong is, in the long term planning we miss out on the steps that we need to take in the here and now.

I will introduce this service after my company's net worth reaches X million dollars and I will do this that etc. But the best way to go about it is, okay currently my net worth is 10 lakh and I have this to do ahead, I will introduce this service now and then when this one goes well I will think about what I have to do ahead. Planning is important but at the same time, executing is the key. Just keeping things for later is never going to help. Get your actions shoes on and work full force towards it.

Don’t ruminate needlessly and endlessly on plans, I repeat: Do not. Take action now as per your best understanding.

2. Set realistic targets

Having a positive attitude is good, but be realistic and do not overestimate yourself. Be humble.

You say you want to one day learn about the law and bring change in the society or be a leader, or whatever; that's great, but maybe first pick up the courage to take part in the debate competition in your college to get a realistic view of your skillset. If you aren't able to get that courage now, how will you be able to do it 5 years from now?

Start build your courage and skills in small, real steps today. One day the big milestones will also come.

3. Set ‘SMART’ goals

Most of the times people set goals that are vague and unachievable. For example, I want to improve my performance, or I want to complete this project. But smart people set smart goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

For example: I’ll get 100 new subscribers for my mobile review blog within 30 days. Notice how this simple way of framing a goal clarifies what you need to do and by when.

4. Make fear your friend, not your master

Fear can be a powerful motivator if you can learn to manage it, but many of us allow our fear to limit our opportunities and possibilities. Most times it is the fear of the unknown, fear of failure or fear of loss.

These can be powerful emotions that often have no basis but if you can open your mind to possibilities and push through your fears, you will accomplish all your dreams. The number one reason people do not take action is due to fear. Make fear your friend and use it to push you rather than allowing your fear to rule you.

5. Embrace the power of positive thinking

Be positive about your goals, believe that you can achieve them, and don’t dig too hard to find (negative) loopholes, in the name of betterment.

I am not telling you to be unrealistically optimistic, but at least be realistically hopeful. If you don’t have a realistic amount of hope, you’ll never generate the amount of energy required to even get started!

You won't fall off the stage during the preparation, or people will not laugh at you. I promise you won't suck at it. Of course do not overestimate that you will win the competition without any preparation. But at least take part in the competition, at least move forward by giving it your best shot.

6. Create a sense of urgency

Unfortunately, many of us live our lives under the old adage “why do today what can be put off until tomorrow” rather than creating focus and a sense of urgency to complete a task today. We have turned into a society of procrastinators rather than doers. Those who are successful are so because they didn’t wait until tomorrow.

They are master implementers always taking action and always moving towards their goals. Create a sense of urgency and strive to do what you need to do today, not tomorrow. When in doubt and you find yourself asking the question, “When should I do it? The answer is simple: NOW.

7. Don’t be too negative

Most times, things aren't as tough as we assume them to be. It's our restricted thinking that scares us off. If you just take action, you either realize that it wasn't tough at all, or maybe it was tougher than you thought.

But the point is, you would've never realized this, if you hadn't done it. When you spend too much time thinking about how big and difficult a problem is, you're less likely to begin solving it.

When a problem seems too big, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and abandon it, instead of starting on solving it. So to make it easier, don't try to solve your problems at one shot. Instead, do small things every day. Just keep taking small steps towards your goals.

How to apply it every day?

When you inculcate this habit of doing things on a daily basis, you get better at it. And what's more, you actually accomplish something. Something that you were just thinking about until now.

When creating new things just get started and keep doing your work, and you'll soon find the right way to finish it. There is no way you could have figured this out just thinking about it all the time.

Each one of us needs his own time to learn and create new things. Don't compare yourself with others. Just compare yourself with your earlier self, or your earlier work. Keep doing and keep improvising every day.

You gain valuable experience by doing a variety of things, not by thinking about a variety of things while sitting on a comfortable chair. Doing is the important part here. Cheers!

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Rohit Chopra
Very well written article Paridhi! I personally do this sometimes, where I keep thinking and thinking and eventually get tired just 'thinking'. It's important to analyze the situation, take a decision and move forward. I'll implement this in my own life. Thanks! 😃
Rasika Kadam
Thank you so much paridhi !.... your this article really help me alot. !... you have good writing skills... keep it up..
Pari Laddha
Thank you, Rasika❤💫
Mohit Sali
Very helpful and perspective changing article. Definitely doing teaches a lot rather than thinking and starting it now along with small steps consistently coupled with smart planning will lead us to reach the goal we seed.