Why it’s important to avoid negative people at any cost


Rohit Chopra

Founder CEO @Zifcare

Who are these people???

One of the things I learnt during my life is to avoid negative people at any cost. Sure, it might leave you alone for a while, or you may even miss out on certain social or business opportunities. However, to ruin your peace of mind and to compromise your goals or ethics is simply not acceptable.

There are some people who are inherently toxic. They will always question your abilities, secretly take pleasure in your failures and will not spare any opportunity to lead you in the incorrect direction.

For example, if you’re trying to study for an exam, they’ll immediately say: ‘Oh studying is for losers. Let’s go to this cool party’. If you’re trying to learn photography, they’ll say: ‘Everybody can be a photographer with a mobile phone today. So why are working hard on this?’ If you’re working at your job or internship they’ll say: ‘You’re paid so little. You don’t really need to work a lot here’.

These are the people who will do anything and everything to make you exactly like them.

Why and how do they do this?

At first, these people might seem like your well-wishers. They might even appear to be cool. But they’re not. They would like for you to become mediocre like them, to give up on your dreams like them, to make Netflix or parties your only goal in life.

Perhaps they do this because they themselves are immature. Perhaps they do it because they have given up the desire to be successful. Or perhaps, they are jealous and scared. They’re scared of you becoming something more. They’re scared of you becoming smarter. They can’t imagine you outgrowing them.

But, whatever their reason, whatever their excuse, you have a duty towards yourself. 10 years from now, you may not have that ‘cool’ friend. 10 years from now, you may not even remember the name of the movie you watched.

You will probably not remember who was the one who distracted you from your work or passion. You have a duty to grow, to become successful and to achieve your dreams. Make sure you don’t let anybody hijack your life.

The mind is a powerful tool. It picks up things from all around you. From your parents, your teachers, your colleagues, from the news. Sometimes, it might pick up things subconsciously without you even being aware of it.

How many times did you decide to eat unhealthy because of someone around? How many times did you give up on the decision to pursue painting because someone demotivated you? How many of you simply decide to waste away your engineering or bachelors because someone said, ‘We will anyways do an MBA later, what’s the point?’ How many people start smoking just because there was this one so-called friend who asked them to start it? There is no count.

Speaking from my own experience, I can tell you that we get affected so quickly and so deeply by people around us that their words and actions begin to shape our decisions. And we start walking on a path that is not good for us.

Surround yourself with achievers and initiative-takers

The world is full of people who will waste their own time, your time and take you on the wrong path. But you have the choice to decide if you want to listen to them. You can ignore them. Better still, simply cut them out from your life.

Find those who inspire you. Those who want to learn new things and want you to learn with them. Those who want to see you succeed, not fail. Those who will take pride in your achievements instead of being jealous. Even one such friend is worth more than a hundred negative people around you.

Your life is for you to create. Make sure you do not let somebody else’s negativity snatch away you dreams and goals. Nobody apart from you will take responsibility for your life.

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Discussion Board

Do you think we should avoid people who are totally negative?

Yes! People who're toxic can cost us our time, our peace of mind and even our life goals.
Mansi Nitin Gawade
But those are part of life how can avoid those people?
Excellent question Mansi. Sometimes it is not possible to physically avoid negative people if they are part of workspace/home etc. In such a case, it is important to limit the interaction with them to minimum. Also, in such a case a person needs to be much stronger mentally and remind oneself constantly to stay positive, because the negative influences are nearby. Also, if possible, in the long term a plan must be made to switch the job, or change location by becoming financially independent so that one can rid oneself of the negative influence entirely 😇🙏
Priyanka W
We should avoid Negative people but what if this negative people are My own Parents 😔
Rohit Chopra
Priyanka you can try to explain your point of view to them politely. With love and patience, you will be able to convince them. In the meantime try to be your own source of positivity. 😇🙏
Anaya Jain
My life is just going on sir because of my family conditions..... i haven't done what i wish....they did not do anything intentionally but still due to some responsibilities i always used to do compromise with my dreams ...and thats why i feel angerness for them inside me ...i don't even want to feel so because it makes me feel guilty too....but now i m too tired sometimes i feel that there is my fault or my condition' fault???dn't know😔😔...what should i do in future for better of mine