Why I feel self-care is important


Ira Rishi

Mental Health Ambassador

In our attempts to keep up with the ever-changing world, we usually try to make sure we’re best prepared to deal with different problems that may arise in our life. We like to take care of things and make sure that it’s enough to equip us to face any kind of problem. We work, study, complete household chores and so many things.

How often do we stop to think that we might need some time or some things to take care of ourselves too? Don’t we deserve to take a little time to recharge ourselves?

Self-care is the practice of taking care of your own wants and needs, and it’s more so about self-awareness and listening to what you need. Self-care is the path that leads to self-development.

For some reason, practicing self-care tends to be seen as selfish or overindulging in your desires. It’s often associated with spending too much on yourself. In pop culture and on social media, it’s usually depicted as something that’s done to your physical self. However, self-care is more than just face masks, grooming your appearance and the occasional recreational yoga session on the new yoga mat you bought from Amazon just to give yourself the notion that you’d be practicing self-care, by doing something for your body.

While all those routines are valid ways of practicing self-care, self-care is actually a routine or process that has something for your soul, your mind, for your ‘self’. Self-care is a check-in with yourself and reminding yourself that you’re human and you might need some time, some space, and some peace.

It’s a common hack to turn a turn a machine off and switch it back on when facing technical issues. It’s simple logic, but doesn’t it seem effective sometimes? As humans, we need small breaks in a similar sense, so that we slow down and listen to our body and mind. A small self-care regime can be helpful in allowing us to get to know ourselves a little better, and slowdown in this fast paced, ever changing world.

These unprecedented times have certainly proved to be quite a challenge. But we’ve been quick to adapt and even make efforts to get back out in the world and continue this battle. Since we’ve been trying our best to keep up, sometimes we need to pat ourselves on the back and let ourselves know that we’re doing the best we can. There are over 30 trillion cells in our body and all they do is care for us! Sometimes it’s nice to take some time to care for them too!

Self-care is more than just beauty regimes and excessive spending on online shopping. Self-care goes deeper within, that helps instill mindfulness, positivity, and reinforces our growth. It’s being conscious about our emotions and acknowledging how we feel. It’s allowing us to set boundaries for ourselves and keeping ourselves from being unnecessarily hurt or overwhelmed.

It’s about doing something that gives us happiness and focusing on our holistic growth. So, let’s not be afraid to do something that’s just for us! Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s about self-development and it’s a practice that helps us connect to our inner self. Ultimately, it also helps us connect with the world around us better.

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Discussion Board

Do you believe it self-care? What is it according to you?

Rohit Chopra
Yup I do. Self care is about nourishing your mind, body and soul in a healthy way. (Watching movies all night is not self-care, it's self harm 😥)!
Anubha Upadhyay
Pari Laddha
Umang Chhatrola
Yes. It is about finding my true divine nature within me and sharing it generously with others.