Why are relationships important?


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Like all relationships, romantic relationships play an important role in our lives. These relationships are one of the most complex yet fulfilling one can experience. Not only do they help us grow, but they teach us various important things in life like being responsible, communicating effectively, caring for each other and most importantly being there for each other.

Let's face it, a romantic relationship is generally given a lot more importance than other relationships. Why? Simply because of expectations. We expect the relationship and the love involved in it to nurture us, to make us feel alive and to make life more meaningful and worth living.

6 reasons why relationships are important

1. They make you feel secure

Insecurity. The one emotion that can make you feel crippled. It's a human need to thrive for security. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, sense of safety and security acquire the second place after food, water and clothing which categorise them under basic needs. A hug when you're sad, warm soup when you're sick and the feeling that someone's always there for you satisfies this need.

Being in a secure romantic relationship ensures that you have a solid emotional support base when things get challenging. A place where you can always go to for comfort, love and warmth. This ensures that no matter what else is going on in life, this becomes your source of strength.

2. They teach you to be more caring

We grow up as individuals caring for our own needs and prioritising our own responsibilities. However, a relationship is not just about one person. It's about two people coming together and caring for each other.

It teaches you to take the other person's needs into consideration. It then results in nurturing the relationship and giving what's important. Here are some simple ways to show you care:

• Give a hug when you leave the house.
• Give unexpected pleasant surprises. They always work.
• Listen. Simply listen.
Compliment each other everyday.
• Don't stop your partner from having their “me time”.

3. They help inculcate a selfless attitude

More than half of our life, we only think about ourselves. Our clothes, our future, our work, our parents, our family, etc. However, in relationships, specially romantic relationships, selflessness flows through us. How beautiful it is to see two people come together by choice and live their lives for each other!

In general, it is very difficult to have a loving relationship without the element of selflessness in it. Both partners must be willing to sometimes put the needs of the other person before their own self. And it doesn't feel like a burden but a privilege, because it is done out of love.

If we look at Indian culture, selflessness is expected in a marriage. The love involved pours in sweetness and selflessness which in turn makes the relationship pleasant and long-lasting.

4. They make you realize 'Acceptance is key'

In a romantic relationship, the major problem people face is to accept each other.

Everyone of us has flaws. No one is born perfect. We might be okay with our own flaws, but when it comes to accepting our partner's flaws, acceptance might take a back seat.

It's important to understand that we're human beings after all. Dreaming of a 'perfect partner' will do you no good. In fact, it will do more harm than good. Therefore, try to accept both, the negatives and positives of your partner. Appreciate them for who they are and from where they come from. They will love you for it!

Here are some ways to show acceptance to your loved one:

• Appreciate them in their bad times.
• Don't pin-point their mistakes publicly. When you do have some feedback for them, share it privately and constructively.
• Compliment them publicly and celebrate their achievements. Show that you care for them.
• Try to become part of their activities, the ones that you like. For instance, working out together or playing a sport, etc.
• If and when something goes wrong, don't start pointing fingers immediately but mutually try to find solutions.

5. They teach you to work things out

You might feel like giving up once in a while. Trust me, it's not easy to cope with this feeling. But in a romantic relationship, it's common to get this feeling once in a while. Sometimes your partner simply exasperates you like a kid!

When two unique individuals are together, it is natural that there won't be 100% agreement over everything. There will be friction. But the question is, how are these disagreements handled by both people?

You can choose either the 'My way or highway' approach and destroy the relationship or you can work things out like adults by have an open, honest conversation and respecting each other's needs.

6. You learn to forgive more

Fights are a part of every romantic relationship. You might fight over different habits, work load, high expectations, intimacy, etc. It's completely normal. While fights can surely be unpleasant, they can be addressed in a healthy way.

You can learn to forgive each other at the end of the day. Fights make you realise the worth of your relationship. It helps you make your relationship stronger. Therefore, you learn not to hold grudges against each other and instead communicate about them.

Just like bodies come in different shapes and sizes, love and relationships come in different colours. Each is different from the other, but when they come together, look beautiful. Hence, learn to embrace your own relationship by being a little more accepting, loving and grateful.

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Great article! Relationships teach us about acceptance, patience and selflessness. 😀
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