What I've learnt on my journey of Self Development


Yamini Verma

Mental Health Ambassador

Change is the reality of life

Changes are inescapable, they happen at every point in life. We should make ourselves flexible enough to embrace them. We need to learn to accept whatever happens and adapt ourselves according to the situation.

The thing which I believe to be most important is to choose for ourselves the way to deal with a particular situation, rather than relying on the opinion of others. We shouldn't let others to make decisions for us because it is we who have to face the consequences of our actions, alone.

Being alone does not mean being helpless

Never underestimate what you can do, you’re stronger than you've ever imagined yourself to be. Sometimes, you may find yourself alone in your battles and that is okay. You need to be able to fight your way through challenges even if you have no one else to support you.

For instance, no one might be ready to lend money to you if you are going through a difficult time. But you can empower yourself and get a better job to earn money and slowly overcome your financial troubles. The key thing to remember is that as long as you're fighting, there is hope.

Always stay active

Always keep yourself busy, this is the most important thing to avoid negative thoughts. Be busy in work, or call a friend, or write a poem, make a sketch, cook what you love, anything which makes you feel productive and energetic.

The quarantine period has already taught us so much. Being at home for so many days was something none of us could have imagined. But see how we kept up with everything, work life, our creativity, habit of not eating junk, reading books which were waiting for us from such a long time, knowing people around us more, and even our self more. We learnt how to stay close even when apart, began to value those moments which we took for granted and a lot more.

As long as we are taking deliberate action, we are moving forward. Whether it's work, socializing or even engaging in hobbies, we need to remember that we will never get this time back again.

My own journey of Self Development

Being a deep thinker has taught me so much.

“Does this person or situation requires my attention?”

”Is it worth of investing my emotions or time?”

Over the last three years, I am proud to have become a person who thinks twice or more than that before doing anything or taking any kind of decision. This has helped me avoid wasting my precious time and energy on random things.

I have learnt that no matter what the situation, I can and will handle it and there's no reason for me to be fearful.

I always remember: “Everything happens for a reason; bad things happen to teach you the value of good ones and good things happen to make you think how blessed you are.” Every situation that you overcome is making you stronger than yesterday, isn’t it?

Keep learning and stay safe!

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Thanks for sharing your experience Yamini! 😇🙏
Sanjay Ramchandani
I completely agree with your ideas more than philosophical its very practical things which you've written waiting for more this kind of articles... Good work zifcare team!!!!
Thanks a ton Sanjay, means a lot to us! 😇
Maheen Mirza
Vikash kumar Chaursiya
Vikash kumar Chaursiya
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