What is anxiety?


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There is so much false information and stigma surrounding mental health. With this article, we hope to give our readers an idea about one of the common mental health issues: anxiety.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a combination of both psychological and physiological symptoms that can lead to stress, physical, discomfort, persistent worrying and obsessing fear of social situations and other phobias as well as panic attacks.

People with anxiety often experience an unpleasant feeling that is typically characterized as uneasiness, fear or worry etc. Anxiety is experienced in numerous forms, ranging from the concretely physical to the intensely emotional.

A common physical manifestation of anxiety is a panic attack, which is experienced as a combination of a pounding heart, sweating, shaking and a shortness of breath.

Symptoms of anxiety

• Feeling of nervousness and fear
• Panic attack
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Communication problems
• Anger issues
• Lack of confidence
• Stress
• Negative thoughts
• Excessive worry

Types of anxiety disorders

Here are some of the different types of anxiety disorders:

1. Social Anxiety

Also called social phobia, people with social anxiety feel excessively worried and become extremely self-conscious during social situations. It also causes intense fear of embarrassment or ridicule.

2. Generalized anxiety disorder

People suffering from GAD feel overwhelming, unrealistic worry and get extremely tensed with little or no specific reason.

3. Specific phobia

People in this situation feel intense fear of a specific object or situation such as heights, darkness, flying and others. It may cause people to avoid seemingly ordinary situations.

4. Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is experiencing of sudden fear that leads to panic attacks. During panic attacks, people have sweat breakouts, chest pain and experience irregular heartbeats. It sometimes feel like having a heart attack.

5. Medication-induced anxiety disorder

Using certain medications or illegal drugs, or withdrawal from those drugs, can trigger some symptoms of anxiety disorders.

There are other types of anxiety disorders too.

Causes of anxiety

The causes can range from psychological to social, biological and cultural. The psychological causes can be tension, fear, stress, frustration etc. The social reasons can be friend circle, society, economic status etc. The biological reasons can be the heredity factor, various diseases etc. Finally, the cultural can be the traditional cultural, demographic etc.

Some of these causes are listed below:

• Repressed desires
• Personal causes including emotional instability
• Excessive fear of examinations
• Negative attitude towards life
• Repeated failure in business, career, etc.
• Toxic relationships
• Others

Treatment for anxiety

Depending on the severity of the condition and personal preference, a number of options are available to overcome anxiety.

Some of the broad areas are listed below:

1. Self-care: Avoiding alcohol, stress management, regular exercise, healthy diet, etc.

2. Therapy: Techniques used by mental health professionals such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), talk therapy, etc.

3. Meditation: Research increasing shows that meditation (or mindfulness) can be a very effective tool for better mental health

4. Medication: Anti-depressants and other forms of medication can be prescribed by medical professionals as required.

The important thing to know is that it is totally possible to live a fully functional and happy life even with anxiety. Don’t let anxiety hold you back in life and feel free to approach a mental health professional.

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Rohit Chopra
Anxiety is a part of life for most of us. Whether it's examinations, job or business, we experience anxiety. If it starts affecting our well-being, we should see a mental health professional. 😇🙏
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I feel like I'm going through this.. exactly .
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Thankyou Zifcare for making my article if part of the App😊
Subhoshree Das
Anxiety is a message to look within. To be aware .