What I learnt from a Jhaal Moori vendor


Shrenya Soni

Psychology Associate

There is something about travelling which attracts me like nothing else. Every time I travel to a place I get to learn something about life and how one can make it even more beautiful.

I’m here today to tell you something which might seem too plain or mundane to some, but God often teaches us the deep theories of life by simple experiences.

I was on my way to Kolkata, the City of Joy. The city is beautiful and I truly wouldn't be able to describe it in words. Once you reach there it's a totally new world. But, that's after we reach there. The journey from my town to Kolkata tests my patience. Four hours in the train is quite a long time!

So while I was busy gazing out of the window with my earphones on and my favourite song on repeat, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to the other side to know what my sister wanted to tell me. She pointed to a Jhaal Moori (an Indian snack made of puffed rice and spices) vendor who had just entered our cabin. I was irritated to have been disturbed just to see a vendor selling a simple snack. But then, something caught my attention.

There was a certain way in which the vendor prepared the snack. He held the spoonful of spices to put in the bowl with a lot of love.

He grabbed a handful of peanuts and rubbed them between his palms, took a 360° turn with a huge smile on his face and then put those into the bowl. He did the same thing every time someone asked him for a Jhaal Moori!!

No doubt this act of his increased his number of sales too. Everywhere he went people smiled. Because he smiled. This taught me something.

When I looked at him first, he was just a simple vendor who moved to different places to sell his stuff. But he had something, something which distinguished him from the rest. It was his way of doing his job. If he wasn't happy, didn't enjoy doing his work and sulked around about his poverty, people wouldn't be as interested to buy his stuff as they were at present.

If we imply this to our lives, it totally makes sense. It does not matter what we do and what amount of money we get but what actually matters is our attitude towards what we do.

If only we are truly in love with what we do, will we succeed. We can sum this all up in these simple Nine words - 'Do What You Love And Love What You Do.'

Memorize The Mantra.

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Ashok Soni
Very pertinent in today's World....Dissatisfaction at work place results in lots of Stress......
Rohit Chopra
Amazing writeup. By observing extraordinary people around us, we can imbibe good qualities within ourselves!!
Such a nice observation ♥️
Ranjana Jain
Wonderful story, liked that we can learn something even on a train journey 😁
Yahoi Konyak
What a beautiful story, a very keen observation. Would love to read more of these stories.
Vaibhawi Soni