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Paridhi Laddha

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Who is Siddhesh???

Today, I’d like to talk about things I learned from Siddhesh. He’s a 3 year old boy, my watchman’s son, who lives in my apartment complex. I have never really seen another child like him and there is so much that I admire about him. I would like to share some of his great qualities with you.

Life lessons from a 3-year old

1. Enjoys his own company

Every person in my complex is a fan of this trait of his. He plays for hours all by himself, running climbing, falling, and dancing; he doesn’t need anyone else, and is so happy all alone.

We people are so habituated being around others that it is really difficult for us to even spend a few hours alone. We really must learn to enjoy our own company.

”Being happy in your own company is a foundation to inner peace and happiness”

2. He is always active and full of life

“Play energizes and enlivens us. It eases our burdens. It renews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities.”

He is always active, running and dancing, till his cheeks turn rosy red. People in my complex are really fond of his energy and enthusiasm.

In the lockdown itself, some of us have become so lazy, that we’re almost terrified about getting out of our bed. We should really try to be as active as possible, read up something, go out maybe just to grab some vegetables to help mom, or go for a quick run in the morning, but we must make sure that we are doing something, while taking all precautions in this lockdown.

'Mauri tu, mauri ora – an active soul is a healthy soul.'

3. Exceptionally affectionate

As I mentioned earlier, he enjoys his own company to the fullest but at the same time he is super friendly and warm; every time I go down he runs to me and hugs me; spends some time with me and goes away.

He enjoys fully with anyone who goes to play with him. He is warm yet detached. He doesn’t need a specific person; he finds his shelter in every person and enjoys the moment. We are so attached in this momentary world that we cannot live without certain people, which is really not a worthwhile characteristic, we must learn to enjoy with whoever we are with, and live every moment to the fullest.

4. No expectations

This is probably the best part about him, he really has no expectations from others, if anyone calls him and gives him chocolate he will happily take it, but he will never go to anyone asking for a chocolate. Even on days I don’t give him chocolate he comes around to play with me.

We should really learn this quality from Siddhesh, as we all tend to expect a lot from others and end up disappointing ourselves. Instead, we should be happy if someone gives us anything, but not become unhappy when they don’t.

5. He is always happy and smiling

He is around 3 years old and I believe a 3-year-old can understand and feel things. So for a brief period of time, his mother left him and went away at her native place due to some personal reasons; during this time he lived with his father, but still during that time also nothing about him changed.

He is never sad for too long, if something happens he cries a little and gets back to being his happy self. How about we try the same thing?

When something bad happens, we can cry for a while and get as sad as we want to, we must give ourselves the space to feel the pain, but once we are done, we should be done, period.

We should not worry about it for days or take the pain everywhere we go. Once we are done mourning over it, we must get back to our normal joyful self.

In life, a lot of times, there come situations that we can’t change, we must learn to adapt to it with positivity and emerge as stronger beings, and smile through it all.

6. Have Fun!

The finest thing I learned from him is to have fun! It’s so simple, yet so easy to forget!

We know that this is a hard time in the world and with the many obligations we have, it gets difficult, but if we learn to leave behind our worries and fears for at least a moment, we’ll see the beauty children see in every single day.

The moment we allow ourselves to let go of all our fears, all our doubts, and regrets and let go of all those things that no longer serve us; we will be able to return to our carefree selves, to return to innocence, for that’s exactly where our essence is, that’s exactly who we are.

7. Be fearless

So as I mentioned above, he jumps from the highest place, practices upsides down and what not, but as an adult, we always take calculated steps, hidden under the layer of our excuses.

We must be fearless and work towards the things that really make us happy, without constantly worrying about the circumstances.

8. Gets up fierce every time he falls

I am not even kidding, when I see him from my balcony, he jumps from the highest benches, chairs and what not, and falls a million times, but he gets up like he didn’t ever even fall! I almost get worried when I see him fall, I feel like “oh wait, don’t jump”.

But when I see him get up, he gives me hope. Hope to start fresh, hope to keep trying, hope to deal with my adversities fiercely, and come out stronger.

Be childlike, whatever your age is

Children are always smiling and happy because they see life through rose-coloured lenses; so everything seems funny, interesting, new, exciting, or beautiful. Their eyes are wide open for the little things we now ignore, like beautiful colors of the sky, flying around a tree, a funny noise someone makes while speaking, and so on.

Don’t forget how beautiful the world is and if it’s still hard for you to see the little details that make our days so magical and interesting, spend some time with a child and try to see the world through its eyes.

As Paulo Coelho says,” A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.”

Thank you!

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Rohit Chopra
Excellent article Paridhi! The part I liked the most was that when Siddhesh falls down, he gets up again. Once we become adults, we forget this quality. Thanks to Siddhesh and you for reminding us! 😇🙏
anshul bhati
Thank you for this article ❣️
Ishtpreet Kaur
Wow!! So much to learn from everyone, whether it is a kid or an adult. The article brings out the beauty of self love and resilience. 💞💞
Fatma Warsia
Woooowwww very nice..
Keshav Laddha
Amazing 😍