What do we desire ?


Rohit Chopra

Founder CEO @Zifcare

Too many people today are not happy with their life. We have fast cars, tall buildings, expensive clothes and access to all the tools to live a successful and happy life. Then, why are so many of us so unfulfilled?

The truth is simple. We have chased the symbols of a successful life but we haven’t tried to create a meaningful life itself. We became doctors, engineers and lawyers but most of us never asked ourselves if that was what we really wanted to do. That led many of us (but not all) down a path filled with material success but devoid of true happiness.

To create the life we desire, we must first explore what is it that we really want. We must be honest with ourselves. What is it that we want ?

A lot of money ? That’s okay.
Fame ? That’s cool.
A great family ? Perfect.
Good health ? Yes, that’s important.
All of the above ? That’s great too.

The first problem is that most of us have probably never even asked ourselves what we want. We must be willing to write down what we want and actually make a commitment to achieving these goals. Else, we will just be indulging in daydreaming.

The second problem is that once we commit to these goals, many of us do not take sustained action to realize the dream. We don’t take action because of multiple reasons. Laziness, fear of society and lack of confidence can be some of these reasons. The only thing we need to remember when facing these roadblocks is that we are pursuing our dreams for our self. Not for anyone else. So, if we want the reward of a meaningful life, we have to face the temporary roadblocks. It’s definitely worth the price.

Let us examine the world around us and the success stories. People have achieved greatness by becoming the best in their field. They have become business leaders, athletes, actors, statesmen, bodybuilders, musicians and chefs. What drove them to achieve greatness was their love of their work and not the field of work itself. They earned a ton of money, acquired a lot of fame and made their mark on the world. And they did this while doing what they loved.

Our time on the earth is limited. We can never get back lost time. So let’s choose it wisely and spend it doing something that we love. Success and money will come by itself. Namaste.

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