Waking up early - 2


Neha Somani

Organizational & Counselling Psychologist

This is how we can make 5 am ours — play music, talk to ourselves. For many of us, the only sounds we want to hear at that time are the coffee machine bubbling and our fingers hitting the keys on the laptop.

No need to rush

When we wake up late we have to get moving right away. It’s shower, clothes, coffee, “See ya later!”. Our mind is already focused on the day ahead before we even breathe in the morning air.

Just as the relaxed pace of an early morning follows us throughout the day, the frenetic energy of feeling rushed sticks around as well. We can choose the relaxed pace by waking up early.

Having a plan

Whether our aim is to increase productivity or not, we’ll need a plan for the morning before the alarm goes off. Taking the guesswork out of the equation is always a good strategy for getting more done, but it’s particularly important here since our sleepy little brain is going to try and bargain its way out of getting up.

Knowing exactly what we’re going to do once our feet hit the floor will give us a huge mental edge over the snooze button.

Working up to it

The first week or so will be hard to adjust, but like most things: Consistency breeds simplicity. If we can’t quit sleeping in cold turkey, we can try waking up 30 minutes earlier each day until we reach our target. If we want to be in the 5 am club but normally rise at 8 am, this strategy gets us there by day six.

Whether we do it all at once or work up to it, it takes most people 7–10 days in a row to adjust.

Go to bed!

As much as we’re a proponent of waking up early, we are much bigger fans of getting enough sleep. “Well, some people just need less sleep than others.” Not true. We all need 7–8 hours. Yes, all of us. The benefits of waking up early aren’t worth much if we aren’t getting enough sleep to function throughout the day.

On some days we’re likely to stay awake till late due to work or other reasons, but we can always get back to waking up early if we choose. Let’s all join the 5 a.m. club!

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