Ultimate Performance


Rohit Chopra

Founder CEO @Zifcare

Let us discuss the major techniques that athletes use and try to integrate some of them into our lives.

1. Train the mind

We’ve heard it before. Before we can actually do it, we need to see it in our mind’s eye. Great athletes know that performance is a mind game. The more the mind is coached to think big, be resilient and overcome challenges, the more it grows capable of extraordinary performance. We’re all gifted with more or less the same mind. Those who train their mind to become exceptionally powerful are the ones who achieve extraordinary feats. Some of the techniques used to train the mind are meditation, affirmations and visualization.

2. Eat right

Unlike most of us who love to stuff ourselves with junk food, athletes know that eating the right food at the right time is critical to performance. Athletes know that each meal can be a performance meal, a recovery meal or even a harmful meal based on the type and timing of food consumed. No wonder, they pay big bucks to get the best nutritionists as advisors. Each game they play can potentially win or lose them millions. So, they take absolutely no chance when it comes to food. We can certainly take a leaf out of athletes’ book and at least restrict our junk food intake and start eating healthier. This has been known to reduce stress and improve energy levels, apart from obvious health benefits.

3. Condition the body

Athletes are incredibly hard-working. They toil day and night in the gym or on the sports ground, trying to do better than their last session. They keep going even when they’re tired and no one’s watching. They can stop if they want, but they don’t. Why? Because they know that the body can be trained to stretch its limits (under professional supervision). They train the body to perform even when it’s tired and/or when they don’t “feel” like training. Through disciplined and rigorous training, the body becomes able to withstand sustained effort. We too, can train ourselves to perform under any condition through consistent practice.

We can use these principles to enrich ourselves in any area of like health or work. Zifcare will keep posting new articles with practical techniques to achieve happiness and health everyday. Namaste !

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