Traits of mentally strong people


Paridhi Laddha

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Mental strength is developed over time by individuals who work on their personal development and make it a priority.

Mental strength isn’t always reflected in what you do. It’s also seen in what you don’t do. Here's a list of some qualities of mentally strong people:

1. They are not dependent on others

They can live and work on their own terms; they don’t need a constant company to be around. They don’t pity themselves that they been wronged or crave for anyone’s sympathy.

I think the ability to be independent is one of the most attractive traits, be it going to cafe to eat alone, starting a big venture or going on a solo trip; they don’t need people or people’s approval. If people encourage them, good; if not, even better.

2. Home alone syndrome

Being alone doesn’t bother mentally strong people, they are not intimated by the idea of doing things alone for anything: grocery shopping, standing alone in a public place, taking up a class or anything, they don’t need company just for the heck of it, as they enjoy their own company.

They can be completely happy when alone, and they are able to find ways in which they can keep themselves entertained, they really have a life of their own.

3. They are persistent

One of the most attractive traits about mentally strong people is they are very consistent in whatever they do. They are not impulsive workers believing in short-lived things and goals.

The majority or people will try something, 1-2 times, and when success is not forthcoming they abandon the project, completely defeated and bitter. Mentally strong people are not impulsive, they will not start a work looking at others; they are very resilient and know that it’s okay to take a unique path, and not just jump on the bandwagon.

They have a vision and even if they don't get temporary rewards, they are ready to consistently put effort and wait for a while without easily giving up on things.

4. No dwelling in the past

Mentally strong people will not spend hours every single day replaying past regrets or mistakes, over and over again in their head.

It can be so easy to spend a lot of time dwelling on past experiences and wrongs which were committed, but the best action is to take responsibility for it.

Mentally strong people learn to acknowledge their past and learn lessons that are useful and move on. They do not waste energy on wishing that things could have been different.

5. They are NOT 'people pleasers'

If you are a habitual people pleaser, i.e. You do things only and only to get other people to like you; you will set up yourself up for a lot of disappointment and you will give your control to others.

Mentally strong people recognize early that it is simply not possible to please everyone. They don’t affect themselves because of the opinion of others; if they know they are right, nothing can affect them or shatter their belief.

They are okay with others not liking them, but they will not compromise with their values to please people, they don’t foolishly try to satisfy everyone.

6. They don't show impatience

Mentally strong people have the wisdom to understand that any change does not take place immediately. They do not make the mistake of expecting immediate results.

When starting a new business or when working on improving their health, they are realistic and know that good things come to those who wait patiently. Even in an argument, they don’t get overly excited, but they respond patiently.

7. They don't let their emotions overpower them

Mentally strong people aren’t always paralyzed by their emotions, they know how to take decisions and steps rationally.

Of course they would like to go college with their best friend, but if it’s not the best choice for them, they will not be fooled to take such a decision. When they love also, they are rational about what they deserve and won’t settle. Even while making business deals they aren’t ruled by emotions at all.

Of course things are hard for them too, but they have a great self control and ability to be rational.

If you want to be a mentally strong person, keep these 7 simple things in mind, it will aid you to achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest.

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