Tolerance in Today's World


Shrenya Soni

Psychology Associate

The world is a global village. We’re all connected through technology, and this is also the reason why we’re all at a crossroads today. The world has people belonging to different ethnicities and different cultural backgrounds.

Every community has a different ideology and every person in that community has his or her own individuality. These clashing ideologies and individualities give rise to the need for people to understand the concept of tolerance, what it means, its importance, when we need tolerance and when we do not.

Here we try to break down the complexity of tolerance.

What is Tolerance?

Tolerance is the ability to allow the existence, occurrence or practice of something that one dislikes, without interference. It means that we do not show objection or hatred towards something simply because we do not like it or because it is not in accordance with our ideology.

Now here what we need to understand about tolerance is that it is not black or white, it is a very grey area. We live in a world which is juggling between what is right and what is wrong. What we need to be giving preference to is individualism which is moulded finely by education and experience. All people should be given an opportunity to judge what is right or wrong for themselves.

The simple secret behind tolerance is standing by a famous line, “Live and Let Live”. We work on our happiness and not hinder anyone else’s, as simple as that.

Why is Tolerance Important?

We see violence in the world today: violence on grounds of religion, race, ethnicity and beliefs. The reason behind this violence and anger is prejudice, stereotyping and presumptions based on factless judgements. People in this world still face a lot of discrimination based on colour, race and religion and that is why we need to instill tolerance among people.

Tolerance can not only make the world a little more peaceful but can also help people learn about cultural differences and make different cultures come a little closer to each other.

Difference in ideologies comes in the way of development intended for the larger good of humanity. Hence understanding other people and their opinions and keeping faith in the idea of tolerance can not only help us become better human beings individually, but also lead to progress of humanity.

What is Intolerance? When To Adopt And When To Not Adopt?

Intolerance is when we criticize or oppose someone just because they belong to a different community or have a different belief system.

Accepting everything that is happening around us is not good either. We should speak up when something against our ethics or against the well-being of humanity is happening. But what is not okay is interfering or discriminating against people who hold views different to ours and are carrying on with their life without violating the law of the country.

Issues Around The World

Unfortunately, many people have brought back various forms of “Supremacism”, the idea that one religion or one race or one ideology is supreme than the other and that is what is creating a conflict between so many people.

Why? We Ask.

Why do we need people in hierarchies? Why can’t we all be equals? We don’t actually need any reason to divide ourselves in rank based on our race or religion. What we need is happiness among all the people of the human race and an equal opportunity for anyone to grow. The only identity that matters is the Human Race. What we need is unity in diversity and an education system that teaches our kids to see each other as equals. Let’s put humanity before religion or race. What can heal the world is humanity and people who are ardent believers of it.

So can we see each other as a unique creation of nature and not a believer or non-believer of a certain faith?

Can we all follow the principles of humanity and work towards the development of the human race? Can we all stand hand in hand to make this world a happier place to live in?

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