To thy own self, be true


Vaibhavi Bafna


“To know ourselves is a journey- an exploration; one that demands we risk being wrong about everything we think we know or believe.”

All beings are different. All are unique in their ability and needs. Some people get motivated by positive rewards and inspiring speeches by great motivators, whereas some get motivated by punishments, self- criticism or by being dependent on others or when someone takes a hold of their lives. Then there are some of those people who know what they want in life, and have to put in relentless efforts to achieve success.

Sometimes, what we do in life is very different or looks very different from what we want in our lives.

This is when we are indecisive or stuck doing the same things repeatedly, probably some of those that we don’t even like. This is that time when we feel, “I wish I knew everything. I wish I know what will happen if I do this or don’t do this.” And it’s okay to feel like it. It’s okay to wish that maybe we could magically know everything that’s going to happen ahead of our time. But the reality is that, we can’t. We cannot know the future, just how we can’t change our past now. The only solution to this is to take baby steps and do things in the present that we think will better our future.

Some decisions are harder to take than others and then there are some really life changing decisions that are done easily, with a ‘whoosh!’ But if we let someone else pull the reins, we give away our power to make our life a little better. We give away our dream. We let someone else handle our destiny. Because sometimes, we are faced with a terrifying reality that makes us choose only one path which we believe may make us miss out on many other things in life. And maybe that’s why some of us are really scared to make our own decisions, because we feel we might get them wrong. We feel we might regret everything that happens.

We run away from the truth to avoid that pain, so much so, that we miss out on life completely!

There are 2 ways that can help us make a hard decision, that we know is important for us to make, because we know that is the one that we should be following.

• Be honest to ourselves: By being honest to ourself, we will know what all we will lose if we choose the one path that’s hard to choose.

• Acceptance: We must accept that in order to move ahead and make a living for ourselves; the thing that we always wanted, we must accept that this life is ours and it is okay to leave certain things behind.


‘We never have to let something go entirely because a part of us holds it in our hearts forever.’

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Rohit Chopra
Great article Vaibhavi ! In today's time it is actually very difficult to be authentic 😀
Drumil Chauhan
Superbly written!! I like the part about acceptance, if we can accept then we can be happy 💯💯
Dhwani Nagar
Amazing ❤️🌹😍
Umang Chhatrola
Nrujal Sharma
Great article👍
Vishwa Jani
So true!! And very well explaind.. thank you very much for giving me a way.. needed this 😊