To-Do or not To-Do?


Neha Somani

Organizational & Counselling Psychologist

To-Do Lists are not about the race to a finish line but about the journey that helps us make the most of our capabilities. To-do Lists have been hailed as an important productivity tool. They are supposed to help us prioritize tasks, give a momentum to our day, become a source of motivation to help us move ahead. Yet, so many people who write out these lists unfortunately find themselves unable to tick off crucial tasks by the end of the day. If To-Do lists are making us feel burdened and beaten instead of making us feel liberated and organized, it is time to look for ways to help us unleash our productivity. Let’s find out how we can do it.

We’ll grab a pencil and paper and write a “Yes” every time we agree with a statement:

1. My To-Do List is making me feel guilty for not achieving things.

2. I have been taking my To-Do List for granted and have been continually procrastinating certain tasks.

3. I eventually end up prioritizing the wrong things or do not prioritize at all. My To-Do List has been reduced to merely a task-list with bullet points.

4. My list has sucked the enjoyment out of my tasks and activities, making most things feel like an obligation.

5. At the end of the day I am chasing too many goals leading to things getting chaotic.

6. The list is endless and leaves me with almost no room for spontaneity and creativity.

If any of us have said a “Yes” for at least four of the six statements, then it’s time to introspect and dive into what is ruining our momentum. While there is no master rule to make a to-do list, but the way we go about it can determine the quality of our day.

Whether we use an app or go the old-school way (pen and paper), it is important to think about To-Do lists as a way of prioritizing the right activities and increasing productivity.

This article will be followed by another as part of a two-article series on To-Do lists.

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