Things to do when we feel like giving up


Rohit Chopra

Founder CEO @Zifcare

Often, we feel that we can’t carry on any longer. It might be with our job, relationship, passion project or fitness goals. We get tired and frustrated and begin to question why we ever started these in the first place.

At such a time, it’s important to think with a calm mind to decide a future course of action rather than taking any rash decision.

Here are some things that we can do whenever we feel like giving up:

1. Remember why we started

Too often, we get lost in day-to-day tasks and forget why we started something in the first place. We need to remember why we started going to the gym. Maybe to get washboard abs? Why did we become programmers? Maybe to build amazing tech products. In our heart, we alone know our reasons for pursuing something. We just need to remind ourselves of it. That by itself, is enough to give us the dose of motivation that we need.

2. Review how far we’ve come

We’re so preoccupied with the end goal that we forget to celebrate the little milestones along the way. So if we’ve started our own company and not reached the million dollar milestone till now, there are some things we would have achieved. Like building out first app. Or hiring the first 5 employees. Maybe getting the first client. In our dejected state of mind, we must never forget what we’ve achieved till now.

3. Connect with others

It can sometimes be difficult to escape from the wild fluctuations of the mind. Sometimes we feel like pursuing a goal with all our might, and sometimes we just feel it’s worthless. We can express ourselves and seek guidance from a reliable person. Someone who’s close to us or may have undergone a similar experience. They would be able to see our position in a more objective way.

4. Recalibrate expectations

Too often, we expect too much in too short a timeframe. Anything worthwhile in life takes time, regardless of how prepared or resourceful we are. Maybe we are putting too much pressure on ourselves. We need to make sure that we give ourselves enough time. For instance, we cannot get our dream body with two weeks of exercise. It’s going to take months and maybe years of discipline to get there, depending on numerous factors. Setting realistic goals is essential to building momentum and achieving success.

5. Take a break

Life can be tough. We face numerous challenges throughout our life. Sometimes, even the best of us can get exhausted. It’s okay to not be super-confident every second of every day. If we are experiencing burnout, we can take a break to relax our mind. Maybe take a trip or at visit family or friends.

Taking these steps will help us analyze where we are and take action accordingly. Let us remember that to get above average results, the effort has to be extraordinary. There is always a crowd at the bottom of the ladder. But the top is reserved for the people who never give up.

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