The magic of gratitude!


Vipasha Naik

Psychology Associate

Gratitude is about making a conscious choice to be thankful for everything that we have in life. It simply means having an attitude of gratefulness. Gratefulness is a feeling that puts us in the highest vibrational frequency. And when we are in the highest vibrational frequency, we attract only good things, people, and circumstances to our life. So, the more grateful we are, the more great things we get!

The Universe always gives us what we deserve. Most of us have the tendency to focus on what we do not have or what we lack, and then wonder why our lives are so empty and unhappy. Being grateful for what we have is an effective way of releasing a sense of loss.

Gratitude is an excellent way of shifting our focus from negative situations and placing our attention on what is right. We cannot be grateful and unhappy at the same time!

Many of us would argue that they have a habit of saying thank you, whenever someone has helped him/her. Then why is their life not at its best? All of us have been taught since childhood to say ‘thank you’ as a good manner or gesture. But we got so used to saying it, that we started addressing it as a formal greeting, which is made just for the sake of it. Saying thank you with a feeling of gratefulness is what makes the difference.

We usually think that gratitude has to be given only in return for a gift that we have received. But, we can be thankful for things that we otherwise take for granted, like home, food, water, family, nature, machines, and the list goes on. When we appreciate these small things, we learn to value it. And when we start appreciating the little things, the bigger things effortlessly find their way to us.

This simple practice of feeling grateful brings far-reaching results because to dwell on the good is to magnify it. Another positive result of being grateful is the increased capacity to give. When we have gratitude in our hearts, we will find a new willingness to give to others, so that they too experience the joys that we feel. We will find that we will want to contribute to the needs and wants of others without any expectation of acknowledgment.

Sometimes the greatest cause of gratitude is concealed in the challenges we face, for they help us to become stronger and more compassionate human beings. When we give thanks for the situations and events in our life that are challenging, knowing that we are being blessed with wisdom from this experience, the very act of gratitude transforms the negative experience into a positive one. When we express gratitude, we draw to us people and situations to be grateful for. That is the magic of gratitude!

Ways to practice gratitude

1. Meditation/Affirmations

Anything that is verbally repeated or thought about, becomes an affirmation. Affirmations enable us to rewire our brains and condition it to see the bright side. Taking a few moments daily to affirm all the things and people we are thankful for is a great way to practice mindfulness and gratitude. We can either listen to a gratitude meditation or speak or write our own affirmations.

2. Journaling

Setting aside a few minutes daily to write a list of things that we are grateful for the day, enables us to see all the good things that happened in the day. It could be as simple as the sunshine, the fact that we have a job to go to, the food in our refrigerator, or the wi-fi that has helped us survive the entire lockdown!

As positive journaling becomes a habit, we will see ourselves becoming much more mindful, and automatically looking for the good in everything.

3. Expressing gratitude

Expressing our gratitude is as important as feeling it inside. The more we express, the more it comes back to us in unexpected ways.

We can send hand-written thank you notes to our family members, friends, relatives, boss, or co-workers. This small gesture can incredibly add up to our relationships, as we learn to value and appreciate the people in our life and not simply take them for granted. We can even thank people who regularly serve us like shopkeepers, drivers, or our domestic help.

4. Give, give, and give

Always remember, giving is equal to receiving. Whatever we give, comes back to us. If we give love and happiness, we receive the same.

We can volunteer to NGOs and other organizations and give our time and effort. We may never know who we are helping, and whose prayers may bless us.

Gratitude is one transformational attitude to have. By practicing it regularly, we’ll be able to see how magically our life unfolds!

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Discussion Board

What are you grateful for?

Rohit Chopra
I'm grateful for my home, family and colleagues. I'm also super grateful to be safe during this pandemic ❤️🙏
Anwesh Anurag
The food, the air, the opportunities and the changes