The journey of following our dreams


Aashkaa Nair

Mental Health Writer

Dreams delight our senses and are pleasing to the eye and the mind. We all have our dreams. They can be about having a good home, a good career, a good family, etc. Dreams are very individualistic and subjective in nature. We experience many moments of euphoria while visualizing our future.

They also have the capacity to either make or break an individual. Dreams make an individual unique. It is our dreams and goals which make us different from others and guide our actions.

Dreams are of great importance when it comes to having a direction, meaning and purpose in life. Having some kind of a goal or dream in life is of great significance. Also, the secret of living is giving. If we follow our dreams, we will have something to share with others, a mission, which can even become a great contribution to society.

Once we start chasing what we want, we become courageous. This courage becomes our fuel to achieve success and once we achieve success, it fuels courage. This becomes a virtuous cycle. Dreams can also distract us from the negative events in life. Once we are aware of our dreams, we start prioritising important things and leave out the less important ones. It helps us become more focused towards our priorities rather than being disappointed by failures and challenges.

When we accomplish our dreams, we are the first ones to see it happen. Through the process of accomplishing our dreams we come to appreciate the experience of failure and know that failure is just a stepping stone to success. The unknown of following our dreams may spark a little fear, which is okay because a little fear makes us feel more alive.

Following our dreams also help us in finding the purpose of our lives. If we find ourselves wondering, 'What is my purpose in life?'- the search for an answer may seem like an overwhelming quest.

It may seem difficult at first to realise about our dreams as we've been told since childhood that we should stop dreaming and start “living”. These dreams are at the centre of who we really are. It is the core essence of who we are as an individual and the very purpose of our being. We are all endowed with particular dreams and talents. These are given to us so that we can act on them and move forward in life.

Following our dreams is not selfish. By following our dreams, we become a better person. We become a happier individual who is capable of spreading joy and happiness in the in the world. Following our dreams is a sacred process. We should respect it and be very focused and sincere towards it.

Not everyone has the courage to pursue their dreams. We may experience some fear and insecurities, but it is the part of the process. This is the time when we ought to focus on the dream and not the fear. This is where our will power is being tested. Once we pass this test successfully, there is nothing which can stop us. Obviously, while pursuing our dreams, we should always be prepared for setbacks. These setbacks test our determination. They shouldn't stop us from continuing. Also, we must be prepared to find a different route if the planned one doesn't work.

A powerful dream is strong enough to define us. Our dreams have no limits; we are the creator of our dreams, big or small. Life interjects, bills pile up and we may find ourselves doing some job which we don't like.

But if we wish, we can break this trend and live the life we always wanted by following our dreams. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.

Achieving the dream is one thing but we should also remember to enjoy the journey of pursuing the dreams. This journey has its own way of teaching us various lessons. Accomplishing the dream would give us an immense amount of pleasure, but the journey of pursuing the dream is what would give us true happiness.

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Totally. It's sometimes painful and sometimes disappointing, but every small victory on the way counts. It liberates you from the worries that most people have (eg. What should I wear or look like, what will people think of me, etc.)
shreya raj
Superb article Aashkaa!😊😊
Diksha Thoke