The importance of mental health for men


Aditi Neema

Content Writer

MAN: it is a word considered as a symbol of strength, power and responsibilities. All around the world, men are considered to be the superior being. They are the bread earners of the family, backbone of the family, leader of the family and so on.

For ages we have been following the patriarchal structure of society, where men lead the lineage. From childhood itself boys are taught to be strong, they shouldn’t cry, they shouldn’t like pink colour, they shouldn’t cook etc. etc.

Men are conditioned to not be weak or vulnerable at any stage of life, no matter what the challenge.

A man plays multiple roles in his lifetime, that of a son who will take care of the parents; of a husband who shall take care of his wife, of a father who will fulfil all the needs and desires of his children and so on.

Being mentally healthy and fit is equally important for every human being. Mental health is one of the growing fields of knowledge and awareness, but mostly for women and children. Why not men? Don’t men need to be mentally healthy? Men may also sometimes feel like crying, men also want to care for themselves, men also get hurt as others do. Men suffer equally severe mental health issues as women and children.

Men suffer a lot of mental trauma without letting anyone what they are going through.

Many men sacrifice their dreams because they want to fulfil their parents’ dreams. For instance: if a man likes to cook and wants be a chef, but because being a chef won’t bring prestige and respect to his parents,

he chooses to go for mainstream careers like engineering, CA, MBA, etc. Many men like to paint, but according to society that should just be a passion, not a profession; and hence men must leave their passion in order to get acceptance from society.

In an environment of such a competition, men must do anything to be on the top. They must never fail. Many a times there are situation when a person wants to just cry and be held by someone. But men don’t even have that right. They must never ask for help, because after all, they are men.

A man is considered to be the backbone of the family, he shuffles between his different responsibilities. From being an employee/employer to being a husband, to being a son and being a father, he does everything to the best of his abilities. Still it’s never enough.

All these responsibilities and the inability to ask for help takes a heavy toll on men’s mental health. Many men suffer from issues of high blood pressure due to extreme stress. The incidences of heart attack are higher among men as compared to women. Struggling through stressful situations and pressures of responsibilities, many men even fall trap to alcohol and drug abuse. Suicide rates among men are also higher as compared to women. Cases of severe mental disorders such as OCD and multiple personality disorder have also shown a significant rise over a last few years.

May men not share what they are going through, but we must take efforts to ask them how they are feeling and if they need any help. After all, they are facing societal pressure more than anyone else.

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Rohit Chopra
Very well written Aditi. Men are expected to be perfect but that's just a societal construct 😀
Renuka Neema
Excellent understanding of what men go through while delivering all responsibilities.
Sandip Neema
A very delicate subject, nicely explained.