The importance of emotional intelligence


Krati Somani

Medical Student

We all think that intelligence is the most important factor for one’s success. However, psychologists now believe that a person’s emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ) matters far more than intelligence quotient (IQ) in determining one’s success in life.

There are 7 basic emotions : Anger, Fear, Disgust, Happiness, Sadness, Surprise and Contempt. These emotions are generated by the way of thinking, perceiving, and reacting to the situations we come across.

Emotional intelligence involves understanding our own self, being aware of our feelings and to work upon our emotional behaviour that ultimately determine our personality.

Here are some simple ways to gain a deeper understanding of our own emotional state that can help in developing a better EQ over time:

1. Self awareness

In simple words, it is conscious knowledge of one's own character and feelings. Self-awareness can create a lot of alterations in our emotions. To be aware of our own self, we must know: Strengths, weaknesses, motivations and character. We must be aware of the triggers that generate a particular emotion within us. This could be environmental change, people around us, hormones in the body, etc. When we get the answer of the what, why and how we are feeling, we are half way on to our goal.

2. Distract from endless ruminating

Overthinking or rumination is the biggest addiction in the world. It kills inner peace. So, the best way to handle disturbing emotions is distraction, whether by listening to good, happy music, or a nice walk, eating our favourite food, talking to a friend, etc. Some distractions are healthy and some are not. Some unhealthy distractions are binge-watching Netflix or ordering fast food etc.

3. Reframe negative situations

It's like tricking our brain by feeding it false, but good emotions. For example, if people ask us 'How are you?', even if we're not well, we can allow our brain to answer that everything is okay. Unless something specifically is bothering us, it will allow us to focus on the positives of our life and move forward with enthusiasm. Even is sad situations we can honestly ask ourselves: 'What am I grateful for' or 'Can I not overcome this problem?'

4. Emotional contagion

Emotions are contagious: The way think we should feel or react, that is the way our emotions manifest. So, let’s laugh even if we have no reason for it. Laughter keeps the aura cheerful, optimistic and full of beans. If required, we can also join a laughter club. Being around others who are trying to become happier can also become a major source of happiness.

5. Manage relationships mindfully

The most important thing to maintain a relationship is to converse on a regular basis, to spend time with the person, to understand and respect their emotions. This will not only help others but also make our life smoother. Whatever kind of a relationship it is, things becomes complicated when it comes to mismanagement of expectations. So it is always better to be in regular communication and to respectful of the other person’s feelings.

Let's make our lives a little easier by understanding ourselves!

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Rohit Chopra
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Beautiful ❤️
True. During most of college life focus is on IQ but when one comes out in the real world the importance of EQ becomes clear. Very nice !!
Krati Somani
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