The 5-step path to instant focus


Bhakti Sathaye

Mental Health Ambassador

There are times when we find it difficult to concentrate, or it seems a mammoth task to get things done. During such times, we need to get into a focus mode quickly so that we can complete our work.

What if I tell you there is an easy and super-accessible way to reign in all of you senses in just 5 short steps?

Today I'm going to teach you a simple 5-step method to quickly prepare your mind to concentrate when you sit down for work or studies. This method uses your 5 major senses.

All you have to do is take a few deep breaths and then follow the mentioned steps:

1. Look

Look at 5 things around you. Notice their shape, colour and form. For example, your desk, a pen, even your mobile charger.

2. Touch

Touch 4 things in your vicinity. Feel them and appreciate their unique textures. It can be the armrest of the chair you are sitting on or you may even feel your own warmth by rubbing your palms together.

3. Listen

Listen to 3 sounds around you. Be it a pleasant chirp of a sparrow or an angsty car horn. The aim is to be attentive to what your environment is trying to tell you.

4. Smell

Notice 2 smells around you. Be it an ‘agarbatti’ (incense stick) or anything else. The aim is to accept this bouquet of life with all your heart.

5. Taste

Take something very small and light, like a cashew nut or a biscuit. Eat it, but very slowly and mindfully. Experience the full taste of the item instead of gulping it down like you usually do. Let the favours dance on your tongue. The aim is not to satisfy your hunger but to activate your sense of taste.

By doing this simple, mindful routine before you sit down for work or studies, you would prepare yourself mentally and activate your mind fully.

That way you would be able to get the most work done in the least amount of time instead of just sitting blank at your desk and wasting hours and hours.

Hope this 5-step guide proved to be helpful.

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What's your technique to get into a focus zone before you start work?

Rohit Chopra
I meditate in the morning and then I prepare a checklist of things that I have to complete for the day. 🌈🤓
Nisarg Jain
Nice article, really helpful! 💯💯
Great,truly inspiring 💯💯
Pari Laddha