Spending time with and listening to our children


Neha Somani

Organizational & Counselling Psychologist

Here is a little story that brings us a bagful of lessons. Once a professor got a call from his brother. His brother’s car had broken down and he was left stranded at the opposite end of the city. The professor was happy to pick up his nephew from school.

The professor was inherently very observant. He was a people watcher and he made the most of this opportunity. As he started to look at parents who had come to pick up their kids, he noticed that most parents were glued to their phone even as they escorted their kids out of the school premises.

A few parents hugged their kids and carried them kids in their arms, looking at the paintings and art work they had created. While these few parents appreciated the work of their kids, others simply nodded without showing much excitement. The child who felt he had just accomplished something really ‘spectacular’ and wanted to share it with the parent was either elated or put off depending on the reaction of the parent(s).

The professor even noticed a few parents who were seemingly in a rush, were almost unconsciously tugging at their kids. ‘Come on. Get in the car’, ‘I am running late’, ‘Tell me later. I’m busy right now. I am I a hurry’. Or even worse saying “shhh shhh….”

Parents exercise enormous influence over the children’s emotional wellbeing. We literally hold the power to make or break their day or their life. Life’s demands are pressing and sometimes, if not all times, call for immediate attention. All that is needed out of us is to dive into the present moment because it is something that we will never get back.

Children, who are away at school, are overjoyed when they see their parents.All that they need is being picked up, hugged and showered with truckloads of love. They are so innocent that sometime even a single kiss on their cheek does the trick. Isn’t this what most of us need, even as adults?

Life may be busy right now. But tomorrow it might be empty when our children are all grown up and have gone away to chase their dreams. God forbid they might be too busy to even call us up and we will be waiting for that one phone call or a long over-due visit from them. Let’s listen to them when they are telling us. Something that is important and special to them. Probably we will have more tales to tell them when they grow up.

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Rohit Chopra
We should always listen to kids. Their talk might seem frivolous to us, but it's important to them 😃
Jaya Mohnany
We should listen to our child and talk to them every parent say that he/she is friend to his/ her child but when they have to act like a friend they don't. So not just listen to your child but most important factor is to believe your child and react to every situation calmly because if we get hyper then how to make our child understand the difference between right or wrong