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Ripul Raj

Mental Health Ambassador

We all are trying knowingly or unknowingly to improve ourselves and to see our better selves. We all are somewhat unsatisfied with our present version and want to add more skills, achievements and experiences to grow as an individual. And this is a good thing! Because flow is the law of nature. If we are satisfied completely with ourselves then the maybe we won't take action at all.

The pandemic has hit us all hard. Many of us wanted our lives to slow down so that we could take out some time in order to learn what we actually wanted, wholeheartedly and without any pressure. Well, now most of us do have some extra time on our hands. So let's not waste the precious time which we can use to build our better selves.

Here are some things we can all do in this lockdown period:

1. Cooking

So many of us are addicted to watching cooking videos and TV shows. Why not take it one step further and learn a useful life skill? Cooking is a thing which everyone should learn.It's an essential life skill.

If you've not cooked before, you can start with simple dishes and slowly start experimenting with flavours, types, etc. The satisfaction you get from making something from scratch will be worth the effort. And once you get good at it, you can even cook for others and surprise them with your new chef skills!

2. Learning a new language

Most of us never make the effort to learn a new language after a certain age. Why not start now? It can be for any purpose: to expand job prospects, to expose oneself to new literature and culture, to improve communication skills.

We can start by taking one class per day and try to maintain that streak. There are many apps and videos available for the same. The trick is to be consistent and learn just a little bit everyday. Voila! In a few months or so, we'll have added a new language that we can speak in. Maybe we can even make new friends during and after the learning process from across the world!

3. Enhancing research skills

Chill, people, we're not talking about academics. Research is a skill that is needed in many areas of life apart from studies: job, general knowledge and even making travel plans!

If you are interested in tourist places then start researching all the world tourist places and increase your knowledge.

If technology interests you, then explore blogs and channels with such content. Don't be content with just liking a random post on Instagram, actually learn more about that topic.

If you are interested in social working then look into the ways and methods by which normal citizens can and have changed our world. You can then work on your own initiative.

The key thing to know is that everyone may know a little bit about a topic by watching random videos or posts, but to truly understand something we need to learn to delve deeper so we can empower ourselves with knowledge.

4. Reading books

In today's YouTube world, very few people actually read meaningful things. But smart people always are on a quest to acquire knowledge and learn more. Books broaden our mind and teach us new things in a way that other mediums simply cannot.

We can also read for pleasure. Books like Harry Potter and The Alchemist transport us to a different world altogether and have give joy and hope to billions of people across the world!

5. Exercising

Most of us have the excuse: 'I don't have time' when it comes to exercise. Well, now we do! All of know the importance of exercise, yet most of us never do.

What's even the point fo studying, earning, partying if we don't have even the most basic requirement for a good life: Health?

So let's start exercise in whatever way we can. It can be walking, sports, calisthenics, anything. We can find something that we enjoy. It will serve us for our entire life.

6. Start journaling

Most of us are unaware of our choices, our thoughts and feelings. So this is the best time where we can actually get to be and know ourselves. And just thinking about it doesn't help because we have literally thousands of thoughts during a day.

By maintaining a journal or diary, we give ourselves a chance to structure our thoughts and also to review them at a later stage. Let's start this habit for our mental health and self-awareness.

So let's start working on some of these activities, whichever appeal most to us in order to become the person we always wanted to do. Cheers!

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