Self-care for personal happiness


Prarthana Aradhye

Mental Health Ambassador

When was the last time you did the thing you love the most? Or, when was the last time you stood in front of the mirror and said ‘I love myself ‘ and ‘ I am proud of myself ‘. In this world with growing competition and increasing stress, you’ve gotten so busy in your work, relations and other things that you've almost forgotten that you even exist.

Self-care is really important for physical health as well as mental health because both of them work hand in hand. You can show yourself every day that ‘yes, you are amazing.’ Even if you are making very little progress initially, things will get better. Your affirmations and your inspiration matters a lot.

Self-care is any activity that you do deliberately in order to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Some ideas for Self-Care

1. Read a good book

In a world now addicted to video content, most people have forgotten the power of reading. It calms your soul. From the personal growth offered by self-help books to the fantasy world of fictional books, they provide us a way to become more capable and imaginative human beings. Reading is also a great way to sharpen the mind and improve your vocabulary.

2. Meditate

Meditation is very helpful when it comes to resolving negative thoughts and worries. Today, everyone gets easily stressed about things. From traffic to economy to personal issues, there is stress, confusion and fear in the life of most people.

Here, meditation helps a lot. It reduces the chaos in the mind and helps centre it. Through regular meditation practice, one can create a mind that is a friend and not an enemy to happiness.

3. Watch sunrise and sunset

Watching the sunrise is really a powerful tool and habit. Not only will you develop a habit of waking up early, you will feel cheerful and enthusiastic for the whole day.

While viewing the sunset you feel peaceful and get a chance to relax after a tiring day. The fading sun in the vast red skies, accompanied by a cool breeze will help you appreciate nature and the beautiful things in life.

4. Drawing, dancing, singing

As you get older, you tend to get really judgemental about yourself. You forget the activities that you used to enjoy. Or, you don’t do it because you may think that you’re not good enough and people may make fun of you.

At such times, it’s important to remember that the hobbies and activities that you spend time on are for your own self and not for others!

5.Make a self-love jar

Take a piece of paper, write down all the good things which happened to you, which you are grateful for and put it in that jar. It will motivate you and give you solace in times of sadness. Write down your hopes, dreams and achievements and put them somewhere.

When you write something down, it is immensely powerful and a beginning to the path of manifestation. So be careful and try to be as positive as possible.

Self-care is very important for personal happiness and growth. When you will take time for yourself, you will feel more energetic and optimistic about yourself. So today, tell yourself and show yourself that ‘I care for you’.

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Discussion Board

How do you practice self-love?

Rohit Chopra
1. By accepting your flaws and trying to overcome them 2. By acknowledging your achievements and celebrating them 3. By taking time for yourself and moving at a pace that you are okay with
Shireen Amol
I appreciate myself for any good deed I did or any triumph I gained. I am always jolly and happy. I don’t spend too much of my time thinking about the negative stuff that happened to me. I relish my life truly
Anurag Shastri
Knowing thy self.