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Paridhi Laddha

Psychology Associate

Seeing yourself as you really are, is an extremely crucial part of life. You should not undervalue or overvalue yourself. Knowing oneself is all about self-awareness with an open heart. We have become so busy being robots, that we have almost forgotten to pause and self-introspect. This self- reflection is essential as it will show your connection with yourself and bring more positivity and growth.

Self-Reflection is the school of wisdom. These are the ways in which you can actually see yourself clearly:

1. Don't lie to yourself

Being true to yourself is the most important. You have to be honest with yourself about your abilities. You may lie for the sake of comfort but that actually is a kind of betrayal. You follow a certain track by pacifying yourself that something is right, even if you know it's wrong. Face the things as they are and acknowledge yourself. Listen to your gut feeling and be authentic, that will lead to a satisfying life.

2. Know your strengths and weaknesses

You cannot accomplish big things in life until and unless you are fully aware of your strengths and your weakness too. It's the core element in order to be a successful person.

Whether your social personal or professional skills, you need to have an evaluative mind and eye to see what needs improvement and what are your real strengths. Be rational and practical about your goals. Hitting the target blindly is the rarely ideal way. Rationalize your positive and negative thoughts.

There is a line between over-optimism and rationality. While pursuing goals, it is very important to be enthusiastic, but also to make sure that each step is grounded in reality. That ensures success!

3. Accept your flaws

Every human possesses numerous flaws and no one can claim that he/she doesn't have any. A human being is an amalgamation of good attributes and some negative facets too, and there is nothing unusual about it.

Don't get riled up when someone points out any flaw of yours, learn to accept and address it. The actual accomplishment is when you have the strength to accept your flaws, and you will find your way to real achievement.

Find out by analyzing that at what things you are not good, what others complain about you, and most importantly what you think is wrong in yourself and what needs to be changed and improved. All this analysis will help you make your flaws, your strengths by addressing and challenging them. Set some good role models and try to deal with these flaws steadily.

4. Find your passion

Believing in your passion and then actually following it is not something very easy, but it can lead to a true recognition of yourself. Do not let others decide everything for you, listen to your inner voice. You must go for things in which you find complete satisfaction and comfort. More you follow this passion towards life, you will be able to understand your true self.

Sometimes, you may have to give up certain comforts in order to pursue your dream, and you might also face resistance from others around you. But you need to know that the time you have on this earth is limited, and if you don’t pursue your passion, you’ll always regret it.

5. Stop meaningless competitions

If you want to know who you are, then stop competing with others. As cliché as it may sound, but first, compete with yourself. It's human nature to try to achieve more than competitors and then remain in stress because of this.

Do not let yourself fall in a trap to this situation by constantly comparing with others. Do not worry about what others have or do better than you. Instead of this, concentrate on your journey and try to accomplish things for your happiness and not to beat others. It will bring huge positivity in your life as well as in your personality.

6. Be authentic

Keep yourself away from double standards and be real. Do not avoid or bury your true self for the sake of momentary gratification or approvals, as this will leave you with nothing.

Changing or pretending to be someone else to gain temporary liking of others cannot give you real satisfaction. True happiness is attached only with the acceptance and expression of your true self. Be your own master and stop trying to be the one who you are expected to be by random people.

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Discussion Board

What do you think is the best way to be authentic with yourself?

Rohit Zifcare
One way to be authentic is to ask yourself what you really want in life. That clarifies a lot of things. In my experience, most people never ask themselves that question and are always unable to make decisions due to this 🙏
Vishwa Jani
Very true! The only ways to be true to yourself is keep in mind why you are here and what are your goals. Do what you love and you won't be distracted to unesscasary distractions. Am I right?
Rohit Chopra
Yes you are!! Distraction leads to sadness 😔