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Paridhi Laddha

Psychology Associate

qualities of strong and powerful women

Firstly, let us make it clear at the outset that ALL women are strong. From fighting in wars to saving lives in hospitals to conquering the boardroom, women have done and continue to do it all.

Here’s our humble attempt to describe some qualities of strong women:

1. You have a voice

You have got a voice and everyone is going to hear what you have to say regardless of whether they like it or not. You are not submissive; you are an independent woman. Even if you are the only person who dares to stand up against the wrong, you do it anyway.

A lot of people might not like you for this trait of yours as you are fearlessly honest, but you know how to call a spade a spade when needed. You don’t believe in flattering others. Your voice and opinion distinguish you from others.

2. You know your worth

You know your worth and you don’t try hard to make people aware of it. You don’t try to please others just to be in someone’s good books and you don’t pretend to be someone you are not.

When you know yourself, you are empowered; when you love yourself, you are unstoppable. You are not willing to change yourself for others and you always stay true to yourself.

3. You don’t play the victim card

Strong women don’t play the victim card. You don’t want others to pity you. You don’t waste time complaining or being sorry for yourself. You will take charge and change your life when you do not feel happy about it.

You are willing to apologize if you have done something wrong. Regardless of what life throws at you are ready to take charge and make things right. You don’t blame others, destiny, or the circumstances, you don’t bluster about “why me”.

You’re here to conquer the world, not wait for it to revolve around you.

4. You have clear boundaries

Powerful women have strong rules and boundaries in their life, this is one of the key qualities of strong women. You won’t let others treat you as ordinary. You have a clear set of values, and you will let people know politely that it’s not okay if someone oversteps their boundary.

You will not allow anyone to disrespect you or go home and cry when someone does. You address it right away and then move on. You don’t entertain unnecessary drama; you have your dignity and don’t fight over a guy or a parking space. People need to treat you with the respect you deserve if they want you in their life - period.

5. You don’t need a guy to complete you

This one’s my personal favorite. You may fully fall in love when the right man comes along- that's cool. But you don’t have a problem being by yourself as well. You do not give the remote control of their happiness to someone else.

You don’t go around and try to fix the wrong ones, in the name of love, you will wait for the right one, you will work hard on yourself, and hence, you don’t deserve to compromise or settle for less than you deserve. You don’t go for DIY boyfriends; you go for the ones who are already mature.

You don’t wait around for a guy to boost their self-confidence; you fill your own cup, with grace, dignity, and individuality. You know what you bring to the table so you aren’t ready to settle. You know what you are capable of accomplishing, with or without love in her life. You are not flattered by imbecile things; it takes a real man to sweep you off your feet.

6. You know how to take compliments

You don’t fish for artificial compliments but when someone genuinely compliments you, you know how to take it gracefully. When someone says “you look beautiful”, you say “thank you” instead of saying, “Oh no, I am not pretty enough”; you are not some insecure damsel in distress who needs to be rescued by compliments.

You are a woman with strong self-esteem. You know your worth and even on days you don’t think you look great; you will take the compliment gracefully.

7. You are fearless

Badass women are fearless risk-takers; you will grab every opportunity that comes your way. You don’t get suppressed by other people’s opinions, if you want to travel solo you just do it, you don’t give in to people saying, “Oh! How can you do that alone??”

You don’t make excuses or keep things for tomorrow; You know the right time is always NOW, or never. You know that even if you fail - you can handle it and fix the consequences of it. You are a doer and not a wisher; you know how to get things done.

8. Healthy lifestyle

You swear by a healthy lifestyle. Good diet, exercise, and sleep are three things you swear by. You also make an effort to take care of your mental health; you take out some ‘me time’, relax or indulge in a hobby. You don’t let others hinder your routine; you will work out in your workout time, and not compromise it for anyone else, you exhibit the most attractive trait: self-reliance. You make yourself a priority, always.

9. Confidence

Strong women know nothing beautiful asks for attention. You are confident and happy with the life you made for yourself. People who shine from within do not need a spotlight. You have eloquence and grace in the way you do everything.

You have a magnetic personality and people are drawn towards you because of the fire within you. You have a spark; you are fun and adventurous. Most importantly, you are you. Your self-love game is on-point.

“You are striving—not for perfection—but to be the best versions of yourself you can possibly be.”

10. You are not afraid to walk away

As the famous quote says: “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” You are selective about the people in your life. You don’t hold onto toxic friendships or relationships.

You know how to walk away and get their stuff together; you are rational about your choices and do not let emotions rule everything. You trust the universe and have faith in the process and understand everything happens for a reason.

11. You are not a people pleaser

You don’t go out of your way to please everyone around them, you have faith in yourself and have the courage to chase your dreams. People pleasers tend to have low self-confidence because their worth depends on other people’s validation but strong women like you don’t seek outside validation.

True confidence comes from the inside, not from the outside.

12. You care about people

Being a strong lady is hard work, but you are not arrogant or think that the universe revolves around you. You deeply care for people and show your love, affection, and appreciation to people in her life. This also makes people admire you because you know how to be there for people and uplift others.

13. You do not hate yourself or others

You don’t think of yourself as perfect or even close, you make mistakes but you are okay making them because you know that makes you human, similarly, you also understand others and their uniqueness and don’t run around being judgemental about everyone. You respect yourself and others.

14. You don’t see vulnerability as a weakness

You might think that strong women don’t show emotions at all, but the opposite is true. Being vulnerable sometimes is a sign of strength, not weakness. Being a strong woman doesn’t mean that you should not drop your guard once in a while or cry your heart out.

You give yourself the space to feel your emotions. By doing this, you are teaching yourself to be more familiar and resilient, eventually strengthening yourself when faced with similar circumstances in the future.

15. You don’t dwell on the past

Alpha women do not waste their time on “could - would - should” because you know you cannot change the past.

You learn from it and make meaning of the situations to serve you rather than be crushed by it. Your comebacks are stronger than your setbacks.

16. You don’t avoid the hard things

Doing hard things makes you braver, stronger, and more successful. Striving for hard things makes you the person that you are, resilient, fearless, and beautiful. You are not timid or a pushover. You work hard to get what you want, no matter what it takes.

Things are not always easy, but it is always worth it.

Even mentally strong women have doubts about life, but that doesn’t mean that she lets those doubts stop her. Mentally strong women face their fears, problems, and issues. You tackle them head-on and do not run away from them.

The world must see that women are more than just victims. We are no longer princesses waiting to be saved. Our time is now to prove everyone and do what they thought was impossible in the history of womanhood: stand strong and show the world what we are capable of.

Strong women (and men too!) find a balance between their own needs and those of the people around them. Maybe we ladies can have it all :)

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