Positivity is a way of life


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Positive affirmations

Positive self-talk or positive affirmations help us create new energy and emotions within ourselves. Let me start by sharing with you some simple affirmations that can totally change the way you think and feel, try them right now if you wish:

1. I choose positivity as a way of life.
2. I am unique in my own way.
3. I respect each and every bit of myself.
4. I accept and love myself.
5. I am capable of bringing significant positive change in the world through my contribution.
6. I am proud of myself.

How are you feeling now? Better, I hope!

Positivity is a way of life

There is a deep, deep connection between our mind and body. Our thoughts affect every single aspect of our life: money, health, relationships, personality, success, etc. These are some of the most important components of our life and they mean a lot to us. So, we should be extremely careful in choosing our thoughts so as to make sure they lead us to the life we desire.

Here are some things to keep in mind for being more positive in life:

• Don't speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke. Your mind/body doesn't know the difference between a joke and an instruction. Words have energy and affect the way you behave and work.
• Change the way you speak about yourself and you can change your life. What you're not changing, you're choosing. So make sure you're choosing something that encourages and motivates you.
• Promise to yourself to always uplift, encourage, motivate, inspire, support and believe in yourself. Keep up the positive vibes within you and they will slowly start reflecting in your surroundings.

You are more powerful and capable of doing anything you think you can. Never put petty goals for yourself. As they say:

'The sky is your limit'.

A simple but powerful exercise is to identify and write down your limiting beliefs on a sheet of paper. Then, find a symbolic way to get rid of that paper safely, like tearing it up and/or throwing it in the dustbin etc. By doing so, you are firmly reminding yourself to not allow any negative beliefs hold you back in life.

Some questions to ask yourself for Self-Awareness

One of the first steps to take before a transformation to a happier, positive person is self-awareness. Stop and ask yourself a few clear questions when you are lost in thoughts, especially negative or demotivating ones:

• Is this thought constructive and useful for my goal and future?
• Is it teaching me anything good?
• Is it helpful for my personal development?
• If it's not helpful, why am I even thinking about this?

Lo and behold! You'll find that you've stopped the train of negative thoughts and are moving towards positivity.

Final thoughts

Pick yourself up. Forget the old version of you: the negative thoughts patterns and negative mind chatter. Put yourself together with constructive thoughts and with positive beliefs. I know it's not easy, but you must do it. Stay strong, I promise that you won't look back on those days and remember how hard they were. Because your new path will be totally worth it.

You'll look back on those days and be so beyond proud of yourself for pushing through the tough times.Pat yourself for always supporting and encouraging yourself to keep moving forward in your life.

Stay focused, stay strong , you can do it. Abundance is your birth right. Positivity is just a state of mind which can be created. You know deep down you can do this. Start your day with pumped up energy. I wish you shine bright!

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