An affirmation for Self Love


Subhoshree Das
Lovely 🌹
Rohit Chopra
Hey Shubham at the moment we don't have the option of user generated podcasts as they are created by our team only. If you wish you can surely send us an article on and we will upload it 😇
Shubham Wankhade
I want to do a podcast, how can i do thid?
Iman Sharma
Very nice 👌👌👌
Wow! This just blew me away. After hearing this podcast I realised the key to a happy life is to love oneself and be true to oneself. Thanks you Shreya Raj Ma’am for such wonderful guidance. Hope your podcasts continue, to inspire everyone like this one inspired me!
Abhishek Jadhav
Thanks Ma'am For a such self loving affermations...... it's Needed for everyone who deserves happiness!!
👌keep posting such vdeos
Shrenya Soni
Loving oneself is so essential yet so underrated. Thank you for reminding us to love ourself ♥️
Kavita Kothati
It is just more than amazing. ❤❤
Joey Tribb
I have heard this like 5 times!! It is so amazing 😍 . Gives me a very positive vibes