Our dreams are waiting for our actions


Bhanupriya Katta


Many of us usually do not pursue our dreams for two reasons. Either we are doubtful of our capabilities: ‘Can I do it?’ or other small minds easily convince us that our dreams are too BIG!!

And as a result we do not try at all, or give up after a few failures!!

When we begin to doubt ourselves, let’s just wait for a second, and think, what will happen if we take a step forward? We may either fall down or you may learn to walk. But whatever the case may be, we will not remain AT THE SAME PLACE.

Isn’t falling better than standing at the same place? At least, we will have the option to stand up and try again. And, why not to try again? If as kids, we would have given up after falling for the 10th time thinking that ‘No, I cannot walk!’ we would be crawling till now!

Why do we set benchmarks in our minds, that if a thing is not achieved in say 10 trials or 15 trials, it can never be achieved?? From where would we have got ‘the electric bulb’ if Thomas Alva Edison would have thought just like us and given up before 10,000 trials? Those who create history are not extraordinary people. They just try for ONE MORE TIME!

It takes 13 HOURS to build a TOYOTA and 6 MONTHS to build a ROLLS-ROYCE!! So, it is OK if what we are trying to achieve takes time!

Talking about another reason, why on earth should we be affected and draw our limitations based on the viewpoint of others? For a frog, his world is of size of a pond. For a whale, the world is of the size of an ocean. Both are correct in their own way.

Even if the whale does whatever it takes to make the frog believe that world is not as small as a pond, the frog probably just won’t believe it. Then why being a whale should we listen to that frog and start believing that world is as small as a pond?

We shouldn’t let others opinion, become our reality.

Those who believe in themselves and not the frogs, can rise to become successful like APJ Abdul Kalam. The rest probably just give up because it’s too hard.

If we who have seen it in our mind cannot do it, then who can?? We just have to stop thinking like frogs, start taking action and never give up!!

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Pari Laddha
This is amazing❤💯
Rohit Chopra
Incredible writeup!! 😇🙏