Myths about meditation


Umang Chhatrola

Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) Teacher

Meditation is a word that is being used increasingly these days. That’s a good thing. However, sometimes people are not sure what meditation is and who it is for. So here we will discuss what meditation is not and some of the common myths regarding meditation.

1) Meditation is only concentration

Many people commonly make the mistake of equating meditation with concentration. Concentration is definitely a benefit of a regular meditation practice. We need not try ‘to concentrate’ in any way during the practice of meditation.

2) Not everybody can meditate

So many people have this false belief that meditation is not for everybody. Meditation is a relatively easy technique and anybody with a strong desire and a willingness to practice regularly can do it. Even some Yoga teachers believe that meditation is only for advanced yogis. However, our experience suggests that meditation is the best place to start our journey in yoga.

3) Everybody needs a different type of meditation

While there are many techniques of meditation available, all are basically designed for one simple purpose – to calm down the mind. So any proper meditation technique will work for all if it works for one. We all have differences and so the amount of time we can spend meditating does vary but we all do not need a different type of meditation. Of course, we may have personal preference for a particular type of meditation and that is okay.

4) Mediation is not a part of Yoga

Many people believe that Yoga and meditation are separate. Meditation is a very important part of Yoga. Yoga includes so many other practices besides meditation, but certainly includes it.

5) Simple meditation is ineffective

Many people go for the most complex types of meditation. However, usually the simplest techniques of meditation are the most effective. Meditation involves easy management of attention, so it makes sense to not divide our attention with too many things going on, right?

6) Meditation is a kind of escape

It is possible to believe that people who meditate are kind of escaping into altered states of mind away from their mundane life just to have beautiful experiences. While meditation sessions can give beautiful experiences, that is not the purpose of doing it. Meditation is done to enrich our worldly life with peace and joy. Meditation practitioners don’t want to go to ‘heaven’. They want to bring heaven right down here.

7) Meditation is not compatible with a busy life

There is a common belief that meditation is only for saints and sages living in caves or for people who are retired. The truth is that people living a busy active life have a huge advantage over others provided they can make time to practice it regularly. Meditation practitioners need a busy active life to utilize the tremendous amount of energy unlocked in the mind and body.

8) Meditation practice needs a lot of time

It doesn’t require a lot of time to meditate. Ideally it needs 5-15 minutes twice daily. We can fit them into your daily schedule, no matter how busy we are. It is a test of our priorities and our desire to grow.

So these are some of the common myths about meditation. If you would like to contact us regarding conducting workshops for your organization, do contact us at

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