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Paridhi Laddha

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Hey, based on my understanding, I've compiled a list of things to NOT do in college life. Hope it helps you!

College life is one of the most important parts of life and these are really very crucial years and have an impact on us throughout our life. Amidst all the fun and frolic, there are some mistakes we should not make in our college life and this article talks about it.

1. Not getting out enough

You’re so focused on acing your classes that you realize half-way through the semester you’ve barely left your hostel room. While college is certainly a time for students to increase knowledge and understanding of the world and gain new skills, social interaction is an important part of the college experience.

Students who focus solely on academics can miss out on creating meaningful relationships and may be prone to feelings of loneliness. Social interaction is one of the most important things that we learn in college. It shapes you for future endeavours in life.

You find yourself via these social interactions, and you figure out your strengths and weaknesses and gain the required confidence and learn a lot of things from your peers.

2. Trying to be perfect at everything

To be honest, these are the years you make a lot of mistakes in order to find yourself and form a stable identity, you have to stop obsessing about being perfect in everything you do. You just aren’t satisfied with your results, are you? But here’s the truth: no one starts out perfect.

There is no such thing as a perfect assignment, a perfect job, or the perfect outcome. You will have shortcomings and you will learn to love them.

You will make mistakes and you will learn to laugh at your silliness and only then you can learn and have fun in the process.

3. Lacking confidence

Let me tell you a secret, even the person who appears the most confident in your class, might have their own self-doubts behind the scenes. Most people are not very confident , but there is a trick , you can pretend to be confident: 'fake it till you make it' works wonders in this case.

I tried the same, I was not really an extremely confident person, but I pretended to be one, and turns out, years later, I really am a fairly confident person. Don’t miss out all the great opportunities because you fear failure or getting embarrassed.

Just give it a shot, in the trial and error process, you will actually develop confidence. People who have the courage to try and fail can do anything in life.

4. Being obsessed about impressing others

Yes, you want to put your best foot forward and make everyone fall madly in love with you. But not at the expense of your soul and authenticity. The truth is no one is thinking as much about you, as you are.

You don’t have to speak with an accent that’s not yours. You don’t have to like things that you don’t like, you don’t have to eat the fancy food you aren’t fond of, just to appear cool.

We spend so many years trying to fit in to be cool to realize there is nothing cool about pretending to be someone that you’re not. Being real is the new cool and it’s a classic.

5. Feeling lonely

Surround yourselves with people who are on the same wavelength you’re on. Identify your cheerleaders, find real and deep connections, people who can share your feelings with and not just a bunch of people to go partying with; find people that you can be yourself with.

Not making those few real connections will leave you lonely and damage your spirits. Try to break your walls and actually go all in and make deeper bonds, it will serve you for life and will feed your soul.

6. Trying to be invisible

You do yourself a great disservice if you limit yourself in the four walls of your room and the last bench of your classroom. The change that you seek to make will not happen by watching 100 Ted talks–it begins with a first step into the unknown.

Don’t crawl into that invisible hole, be out there, let the world see you fall, rise and shine. Don’t always shy away from the opportunities, you are meant for it, it's waiting for you, just go for it. Say YES, the world’s your oyster.

7. Not interacting with your professors

You will be doing a serious mistake if you are not engaging with your lecturers and professors. If you sit dull in the last bench of your classroom then your lecturers would never come to know you.

Those students who are not interactive in their classroom are overlooked by their lecturers. Never remain cut off with lecturers of your class. If you do this mistake then you might be ignored by them and you miss out on great academic and non-academic lessons of life.

Remember that your professors, or at least some of them, have a wealth of academic knowledge and life experience to share with you. Take advantage of that.

8. Taking an overly casual attitude towards academics

In the initial years of college, everyone is just fresh out of home, having too many desires to explore the world and excitement. You probably want to attend every party or social gathering, make lots of friends and enjoy.

Okay, I do agree we all want to do that, I am not saying that one should not have any sort of fun in college life. However, taking studies too lightly is the most common mistake that a student makes in his or her college life.

Strike a balance else you might regret it later. Don’t take your studies lightly; don’t take your assignments and projects at ease. Attend lectures, finish your homework and manage your sleep cycle.

Go to library as much as you go to the cafe. It will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Finally remember these words: You're not expected to have your life together as some sort of masterpiece. Your main priority is yourself and learning how to function on your own by falling and rising several times.

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