Mindful in love


Togetherness is a beautiful union of physical and mental harmony. Couples should invest time to strengthen their emotional bond.

One of the most important spheres of human existence is the relations that we cultivate especially the ones we establish with our partners. The love, intimacy, and friendship that fosters between couples goes beyond superficial and mundane conversations.

If one practices identifying one’s emotions as well as those of the partner, emotions will become the anchor offering strength and stability. This is how we can fortify our bond and make everyday living a joy.

This is an exercise to be done with one’s partner. We can also do it with a parent, sibling or best friend.

a. We can start by identifying how we feel when we sit in front of them. Observe our body language. Are we dwindling our thumbs, playing with our fingers or shaking our legs involuntarily?

b. How do we feel? We can identify and zero down on the emotion. Are we happy, elated, confused, excited, puzzled, pleased, excited, curious, embarrassed, confident, bored, sad, unhappy or anxious? We need to dig in deep and consciously stay in the moment.

c. Do we feel any kind of discomfort or any unpleasantness in our abdomen? Does our heart skip a beat when we look into the eyes of the person we love? Do we feel love filling our heart or a lump in the throat when we look at our parent? We may tune in to any subtle changes that are happening in the body.

d. We can relate the emotion to our partner by asking them how they feel. What is the primary emotion they are going through? What are the other emotions we find connected to it?

e. We can try to feel what our partner is feeling.

By identifying and opening up to different emotional states, one begins to become more mindful and empathetic. By switching to the emotional state of our partner, we can establish better channels of communication and understanding.

Article by: Neha Somani

Organizational & Counselling Psychologist