Meditation and the subconscious mind


Umang Chhatrola

Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) Teacher

In an earlier article, we discussed the cycle of desires, actions, and consequences. When we say consequences, we mean all the consequences – the consequences outside and the consequences within. What do we mean by ‘consequences within’? We will talk about that, our subconscious mind and the role of meditation in empowering it.

Our desires and actions have consequences in the outside world. But they also leave an imprint within our subconscious mind. This imprint is a kind of memory. It is this imprint that leads to further desire. Not only that, but it also creates bondage and blocks the expression of our highest potential. We can imagine it like a stained glass window that restricts the light within from shining. All these imprints are stored in the subconscious mind. It is not just at the level of mind. They restrict the flow of ‘life energy’ in our body at the physical level. Modern science has proved beyond doubt that people having traumatic experiences in the past often manifest an illness in the body which is completely unrelated to any physical problems. The ‘bad memory’ or ‘garbage’ in the subconscious mind led to that disease. These repetitive and negative thinking patterns also keep us stuck in unhealthy circumstances.

Of course, as we discussed earlier not all desires and actions create bondage. Some can even liberate us. The desire for freedom and the action in the form of meditating regularly can fetch us liberation. Meditation is a very refined tool to clean our subconscious mind and plant the seeds of love, peace, and harmony.

In yoga, there is no ‘magic bullet’ – one single practice that does everything. Best results come from the integration of all the practices that work at different levels of our mind, body, and soul. But, meditation comes close to a ‘magic bullet’.

So, let us clean our ‘stained glass window’ with meditation and allow the light within to shine. How do we meditate? We will discuss a simple and very effective meditation practice that anyone can do in the coming articles.

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