Maintaining sanity in an insane world


Shrenya Soni

Psychology Associate

“Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?”, a commendable dialogue from a critically acclaimed movie called Joker. The movie received a lot of praise and this particular dialogue from the movie has already started being quoted on different platforms, because people can relate to this dialogue, but why is that we find it so relatable with our own lives?

The world is a global village, we know everything that happens around the world within seconds. Technology has made this possible and media plays an important role in bringing this information to us. It play a very important role in how one’s day goes by because one of the first things that we do in the morning is pick up the newspaper or switch on the TV and read the headlines.

Sadly, these platforms almost never tell us about positive things, they are often about all the negative incidents that have happened around the world. So the question here arises that why does bad news dominate the headlines? It may be because we’re drawn to depressing stories without even realizing it, says psychologist Tom Stafford.

Psychologists also have found a relationship between the negativities that people are surrounded by and deteriorating mental health. We’ve heard a lot of people saying that they have stopped reading or watching the news because all that is shown is negative news, and we have definitely found people or even ourselves feeling helpless about these situations and quite often losing hope in the world.

So what are the steps that we can take to maintain our sanity and well-being in this world full of chaos?

1. Take breaks from social media:

Almost all social media platforms have a secret, they show us what we want to see. They have a record of all our likes and dislikes and that is how they control what we see on your feed. Hence, what we can do is take breaks from social media and control ourselves from spending too much time on it. We need not completely cease to use it but we can take time off it to spend time with our family, learning a new hobby, taking a walk or just reading a book.

2. Spend time to find solutions:

Sitting idle can put even more strain on our mind, so let’s read up on how we can change what is troubling us. Thinking, sulking, and doing nothing about it can make us feel even more helpless but if we are trying to make the situation better, we are not only working to maintain our mental health but we are also working to make the world better for ourselves and others.

3. Society consists of humans and humans err:

Acknowledge the fact that humans are not perfect and the world is made of humans. We as humans make mistakes and that is how mishaps happen. If we look at this thing from this particular perspective these negativities will just be dark spots on a relatively white sheet.

4. Value happiness:

According to research conducted by McGill University in Canada, even though people said that they preferred watching good news they actually valued bad news more. Hence, we should make changes within ourselves to value happiness more than grief. We can do that by following pages that post happy news from around the world and also positive quotes. We should try and make ourselves find happiness in little things and if at all we are faced with negativities we should not stick to it, we should let it pass.

5. Work to make this world a better place:

Often, we think that our work does not matter in this whole wide world. But we’re very wrong to think like that, we matter and our work matters. Whatever we are good at can possibly change the world. If we use our strength and our powers and try our absolute best to light the dark corners of the world, we can do it.

We know that the world is not a perfect place but what we also know is that we cannot be silent spectators to all the wrongdoings happening in the world. What we should do is put all our resources and energy to optimum use and work our best to make the world a better place for ourselves and for everyone else as well. So be happy and make everyone around you happy!

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Rohit Chopra
Amazing writeup! We can't cure the entire world but surely we can be a light in the darkness.
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David Dayal Purty
Thanks for this amazing article. It was way too much helpful!
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