Long-distance relationships with friends, family, partners


Shreya Raj

Psychology & Mindfulness Expert

Don’t all relationships feel long-distance right now, whether it’s with your boyfriend or girlfriend, best friend or parents? Relationships are not only romantic in nature, they can be with siblings, parents, friends, etc.

So many people go through ups and downs when they live away from their parents. Or their friendship with a best friend takes a hit because of the distance.

It's natural to feel uneasy when away from loved ones

Today, let’s cover all those so you get to know that you are not alone in this fight and it is okay to feel homesick, it’s okay to miss your friends when they are away. It’s okay to take leave from college, work to go meet your family.

IT’S ALL OKAY; don’t ever let someone tell you otherwise. Everyone has experienced a long-distance relationship one way or another during this pandemic.

The pain when you miss your loved ones, the anxiety, when you can’t wait for the time to just get over so you could rush them and just hug them, the heartache during the waiting, has been happening all over the world over the last few months.

I have been the sort of person who has had a protected life and unfortunately or fortunately it is difficult for me to stay away from my parents for long. I get homesick within two-three days if I'm away from them! So I can personally attest to the anxiety one experiences when away from loved ones.

A scholar once said that distance makes the love, the hearts grow fonder but no one ever said how tough it will be to cope with the distance. That’s difficult and frustrating, isn’t it?

Hasn’t it happened a lot of times when something good happens in your life and you don’t have that one person you want to share that happiness with?

Armed forces families

Ever wonder what goes on with the families of the armed forces? They are perpetually in a long-distance relationship. The people serving in the armed forces have an uncertain and distanced relationship with their friends, children, partners, and parents.

They don’t even know if they are going to make it alive the next day, let alone worry about anything else. The only two thoughts that keep them going is that firstly there is nothing more fulfilling for them than serving their nation and secondly the fact that very soon they will get to see their families.

I speak with experience because my father was in the army for 20 years and for a long time I stayed away from him. He used to keep getting new postings after every two years and I stayed in one place to finish my schooling with my mother and elder sister.

Distance can't break true relationships

I just want to tell all of you that don’t lose hope, don’t let your relationships get strained because of something as mere as distance, keep working on them and honestly, there will never be any problem.

If you miss someone, call them, message them, go meet them if possible. Don’t wait for the right time to come, life is too short to let go of your loved ones.

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What is your take on distance in a relationship?

Rohit Chopra
I believe that if the roots of the relationship are strong, things like distance can't affect it. ❤️😇
Pari Laddha
Very True✨