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Malhar Kalambe is a 21-year-old environmentalist who runs a campaign in Mumbai called ‘Beach Please’, an initiative started to remove trash from Dadar beach in Mumbai through weekly cleanup drives. He has led the eradication of over 380 tonnes of garbage and he’s done it from just his pocket money. For his work, he has been felicitated by the UN and many more prestigious organizations. He is a youngster just like you and me, but is already creating an impact.

On September 10, 2017, Malhar, a resident of Dadar, along with his friends, marched up to Mumbai’s Dadar beach to collect the garbage thrown by the visitors. It started out as a weekend activity, but has now become a cleanup movement engaging over 20,000 Mumbaikars!

Malhar cleans the beaches on weekends. On weekdays, he lives have fun and enjoy life. He dances like no one is watching and is extremely fit physically. He parties on Saturday night and directly goes to the beach on Sunday morning with his friends.

What do we learn from this?

It's important to do something for a good cause, it's important to contribute to make the world a better place, it's important to focus on your career, it's important to plan about the future and it’s important to live life. Phew! Quite a list. Life will throw you in impossible situations, it will get tough, you will be confused and messed up but don't lose your spirit. Have fun, laugh with your friends. Enjoy and live life to the fullest. Because you just have one life and balance is the key.

Deal with any areas that are taking too much energy and put them in perspective, align them, so that you have energy available for all areas. If you’re spending too much time in the office, then take a break. If you’re partying all the time, then take up a hobby instead. You need to find that state of equilibrium that works for you.

Some tips for a balanced life

1.Nurture yourself

You cannot accomplish anything if you're unhealthy. Get plenty of sleep, exercise and eat properly. Many people think they can burn the candle at both ends: eat junk food, get little or no exercise, and still function adequately. You may be able to get away with this for a short time, when you're young, however, after a point, this lifestyle will surely lead to turmoil. Burnout is a real possibility.

Ideally, set aside time every day for an activity that you simply enjoy, like walking, working out or listening to music. Then, allow yourself to unwind after a hectic day by reading, meditating or taking a nice hot bath. Take good care of your mental and physical health.

2.Spend time with family

You must give time to your family, sit with them, have meals with them. If you are a student, you can share everything about your day with your family, it strengthens the bonding and understanding. You also realize that you have your family, no matter what. If you are married, spend time with your spouse, listen to your children, tell them stories of your past, give them life lessons, tell them about your day. Sit with your parents, they wait all day long for you to come home.

Your colleagues and friends may change with time, but your family will remain the same.

3. Grow spiritually

This is one area that always gets skipped in the hustle-bustle. You should take out some time to meditate, to pray, to extend gratitude, listen to podcasts, or simply take a walk in the woods, whatever fills up your spiritual cup. This is how you can rejuvenate yourself when you're down. You'll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the world. Also, in this incredibly materialistic world, if you’re not centered, you’ll get lost somewhere along the way.

4. Have a social life

It is valuable to have a social life. Meet your friends, at the end of a long day, laugh with them, go for a coffee, or ice cream. Walk around. Enjoy the weekends, party, volunteer in some event or NGO, meet new people, build your network. Go for weekend trips or vacations.

Live every moment of this beautiful life and don't ever forget to have fun. Having people around you that you like and trust is one of the best recipes of living a long and happy life. If you don't have such relationships it's time to start building them. If you are sacrificing relationships like these because you're working too hard, you're clearly not in balance.

5. Mind your business, literally!

Whether you are running your own business or climbing the corporate ladder, ask yourself how energized you are when going to work every day. Are you excited to be making a difference and making progress or do you dread the monotony of your office life?

It's worth measuring how all that time you are investing in your work is paying off. Take care of finances. Save as much money you can. Even if you are a college-going student, save your pocket money and if you are a professional adult, make sure you can save enough for all the unexpected circumstances and for a comfortable retirement. It’s difficult to be happy and live a balanced life if you’re financially insecure.

6. Do your civic duty

How much time do you invest in your community? Think of it as the attitude of gratitude. You can start off with something as small as planting a tree or keeping the area where you live clean. It's important to give a real payback to the community. The act of giving is the biggest service. What goes around, comes around. You might also end up making a few like-minded friends.

Balance isn't something you achieve ‘someday’, you must start today!

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Incredible writeup! Loved the parts about growing spiritually and do one's civic duty. These aspects of our well-being are often neglected 😇