Life lessons I learned from my father


Paridhi Laddha

Psychology Associate

To become a complete person, we must take lessons from those around us. Our family members, our friends and teachers. We must always remember that who we are has been shaped by the influence of those around us.

Here are some lessons that I have learnt from my father over the years.

1. Punctuality

He is my inspiration of punctuality and almost all my relatives and people who know him, look up to him for this quality of his. He is extremely punctual. He catches 9:50 am local from Bhyandar to go to work. He leaves from home by 9:15 am sharp, every single day, and is not even a minute late. He walks the way to the station, stands near the skywalk for 5 minutes for fresh air and gets down. No matter whatever the season it is, he goes and comes walking. Even after having all the means, he still does so. He goes to Churchgate for work, which is 50 km from our house andhe has to do a lot of walking there too, but he is very firm about his daily routine.

2. Discipline

He is extremely particular about his routine: getting up early and praying for an hour. He has a book in which he writes God's name 'Ram-Ram'. It's been 25 years, he hasn't even missed a single page. He goes Rishikesh every year for spiritual enlightenment.

He keeps everything around him clean and at fixed place, he can even tell at midnight, where exactly is his scale or pencil. He has a very healthy lifestyle. I think this is very important, even after traveling almost 5 hours a day, he never delays anything in his routine!

Most of us fail to maintain a fixed routine. This is why almost never seem to have any time. The truth is that the person who is disciplined and sticks to a schedule will have time for work, family and health. No excuses.

3. Humor and cheerfulness

He finds humor in the smallest of things. My brother is 10 years old Keshav. Anytime my brother's friends call him to play, he says, ‘Keshav has gone to school 😜’ or anytime my brother's friends call him midday, my father says, ‘Keshav comes to office with me, so please wait as he is working 😂'. It sounds silly but he and my brother’s friends have a big laugh about it.

He wakes us up with a rhyming song every morning. He is so cheerful every time, just having fun and teasing us. Even while walking on the road when he sees a small kid, he makes those funny faces to make them laugh! He has fun with everyone, be it my cousins, friends or at times strangers. Being around him is always a joy for us.

What I learnt from him is that people remember and adore those who spread cheer around them. In today’s world, everyone is stressed. Most people are frustrated. But the person who has a smile on the face and a kind word for everyone will be loved by all.

4. Service

His love for my grandparents, his children and our extended family is commendable. He can go any degree to keep us all happy and comfortable, even at the cost of his own comfort and convenience. For instance, as I mentioned earlier he travels over 50 kilometers a day to Churchgate. If he wishes, he can shift us to a house there, but my grandparents are comfortable with our current home and surroundings, so we stay where we are. His parents’ happiness is more important for him than his own.

One of the best things that I admire about him is that he has a donation account where he serves people every month. His sense of service towards society is something that motivates me to also do my bit.

5. Calmness

He is exceptionally calm. It might be difficult to believe but till date, I have never seen him shout! He can deal with any situation with utter calmness and maturity. Even on some rare occasions, when he does get angry, it's just for a minute or two and then he gets back to his usual, cheerful self. He doesn’t allow his ego to cloud his judgement.

He likes to keep quiet even if someone is wrong. I don’t see him shouting to prove that the other person is wrong, which is what so many people do.

6. Hard-working

On days when he feels he didn't give his best at work, he comes standing in the train. Can you believe that?? This way, he motivates himself for the next day! By God's grace, we have all the means through which he can have a more comfortable life. But he doesn't do it.

He had started working when he was just 15 and all by himself. To this day, he works hard every day because that’s just who he is.

7. Penny-wise

He can go the fanciest of showrooms and get things at a bargain. I’m not even kidding. All my relatives call him if they want to go shopping. He bargains with so much grace and respect that people melt in front of him, almost every time.

He uses the pencil till the time till it comes so small that it can be kept in a museum. He saves as much as he can, by doing little things. These drops of savings might not be very big, but they are an important habit. And after all, drops make an ocean.

8. Super active

He is super active. Be it planning the trip during every vacation, or organizing any religious activity, volunteering campaigns for society, playing games or just anything, he is always ready for everything. I think we should all have this energy and enthusiasm for life: to Live, Laugh and Love.

I guess that sums it all. Needless to say, I really admire him and would be grateful, if I can fully imbibe even one of his qualities.

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Amazing article!! I loved the punctuality and hard working part the most 😇🙏
Shresth Maheshwari
So true ❤️❤️
Surbhi Sharda
He is an inspiration😇❤
Diksha Thoke
Woww💕 truely touched
Mohammad ali Khan
A fabulous and wonderful article of the day. It's a amazing inspiration for all of us. May god keep your dad always happy and healthy.