Let’s not forget to meet this incredible person


Rohit Chopra

Founder CEO @Zifcare

A person’s network is considered as an indicator of success. The more people one knows personally and professionally, the more ‘influence’ a person is thought to have. There is a race to meet and know everyone in order to build our professional and social circle. Connecting with people offline and online is considered an essential skill today, as it should be. But have we met the most incredible person in the world ?

We are so busy meeting and knowing others that we have forgotten to know ourselves. Spending time with oneself, whether during contemplation, meditation or a hobby is a dying habit. We’ve got so much to do for so many other people that we’ve forgotten that we need to do something for ourselves.

One of the best ways to spend time with oneself is through meditation. Contrary to popular belief, meditation need not be only for monks. Bringing the attention towards oneself is meditation in itself. Whether the focus be on the breath, thoughts or body sensations, it helps us develop a deep understanding of an aspect of ourself.

Meditation is of course, not the only way. Many great philosophers have discovered the secrets of the Universe through contemplation and the study of nature. We too can spend time in silence, thinking about a topic of choice.

Even pursuing a hobby is a great way to know oneself. When we spend some time doing the things we love, we can discover deep insights into our inner thoughts.

Below are some activities that we can pursue for knowing ourselves better:

1. Meditation
2. Journaling
3. Contemplation
4. Painting
5. Any solo hobby

Let’s make sure that we do not miss out on the chance to meet an outstanding person before our time is up. Knowing our self is as important as knowing those around us.

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