Let go and move on


Neha Somani

Organizational & Counselling Psychologist

There is a famous tale of a psychology professor talking to students about stress management using a glass of water as a metaphor. The class assumed their teacher will come up with the stereotypical question of whether the ‘glass is half empty or half full’. Little did they know they were about to learn the biggest lesson of their life.

“How heavy is this glass of water that I’m holding?”

The students were taken aback by the nature of the question but gave their answers nonetheless. The professor explained, “It’s not about the weight of the glass but how long you hold it that will decide what you feel like.” He added, “If I hold the glass for more than a few minutes or say even an hour straight, my arm will begin to ache or even become numb. It is not the weight of the glass, but the duration for which we choose to hold it makes it heavy.”

This lovely experiment is an analogy for life itself. Our problems and worries in life are very much like this glass` of water. If we think about them for a while, nothing really happens. But if we keep thinking about them for long, our head begins to ache a little. If think about them all day long, we will feel completely numb and clouded in our head. If our hand becomes numb we will finally lose the grip of the glass. Similarly, if we are too stressed out, we’ll be incapable of doing anything else until we let go of thoughts and things that weigh us down.

Holding on far too long and far too tight will not only give us aching arms but also an aching heart. It’s important to remember to let go of our stress and worries from time to time. If we still feel weighed down by issues we have been holding on since years, it’s high time we put the glass down.

Let us ask ourselves, “What do I need to give up in my life at the moment that will help me lead a more organized and peaceful life?

Let us remember this beautiful analogy of the glass of water and save our soul from bearing the weight of our burdens.

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