How to take the road less travelled?


Shrenya Soni

Psychology Associate

We’re millennials, we’re all driven to follow our passion. Some parents might be supportive of their kids’ choice while others are not. Hence we’re not all on the same page but even when we succeed in convincing our parents to let us follow what we like, our struggle does not end. It is just the beginning of a tedious journey of figuring things out.

Once we set out on a journey that we’ve selected for ourselves, we have lots of episodes of self-doubt, fear of making decisions and a lot of interference from our elders and society.

We might even want to turn back and join the masses because we know where that path leads and it just seems more secure. But if we choose the ‘road less travelled’ we should prepare ourselves for risks and sudden twists and turns because not many have walked on that path before.

So today, let’s talk about how we can stay strong and stay put on our passion without straying back and being part of the ‘herd’.

1. Patience

A quality that is required to reach your goals. Following one’s passion requires a lot of patience because we don’t get end results as quickly as we would like and it is also something unexpected. Hence, patience is the key to keep working hard to reach our goal.

2. Trust

Trusting yourself is very important to keep walking on the path you’ve chosen because it’s only your trust in yourself and your passion will get you where you need to be. Keep trusting your talent and skills, don’t get insecure because what you have will always be special and original.

3. Learn From Mistakes

Your mistakes are what get you closer to reaching your destination. You make mistakes, learn from them. Do not make that mistake again and eventually come closer to perfection. When you’re trying to do something original, you don’t have any footprints to follow. So, learn from your mistakes and leave footprints behind for other people to follow. Learn to accept failures and prevent them from demotivating you because they are the best teachers. If you fall down, get up stronger than before.

4. Be Calm

Whether it’s victory or defeat, learn to keep calm. People who are truly successful keep calm in all situations. This helps them to think clearly and make better decisions. Hence, follow Captain Cool and keep walking on the path of glory.

5. Hard Work & Smart Work

Working hard alone cannot work, you have also got to work smart. In today’s world, people not only see how hard you have worked but also how smart you have been in doing that work. Hence, do not blindly follow instructions. Think and then go ahead. Keep learning, take advice from genuine people and keep improvising.

Walking on the less travelled path can be really difficult, and we cannot expect that we will never be scared. So, feel free to be scared. That will tell you that you are going to do something that matters which will help you be careful with it. You know what is at stake and that will keep you on track preventing you from going back to the herd.

You have chosen your path and that has already made a difference. You are different because you dare to be happy in what you want to do. Do your research, know what it takes to walk on the path you’ve chosen and keep aiming and working for the target until the day where you actually realize your dreams.

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Vaibhawi Soni
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Well said very helpful article for all of us..
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💯💯 Relatable!!! Keep going Shrenyaa. ♥
Beautifully marked the points which we should keep in our mind in day to day life.❤️
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A very essential topic is being discussed here. Much needed!