How to sustain good relationships


Shreya Raj

Psychology & Mindfulness Expert

Our world is run by relationships

Relationships are one the most beautiful aspects of our lives.

It’s the relationships we keep in our lives that nurture us, help us grow; make us who we are. We have relationships of many types: friendship, romantic, professional, family, etc.

Some relationships are easy-going and some need to be worked on every day and just because they are hard on some days, doesn’t mean they should be given up.

It takes care, efforts and all kinds of love to sustain a relationship.

A relationship with our parents has probably been the longest relationship we have had. With time that evolves, gets stronger and closely connected. A relationship we share with our friends is platonic, easy going and just gets better each day. We can also have a family-like connection with some people who aren’t related to us by blood. That brings us a different kind of happiness. A romantic relationship is one which is sensitive and delicate. Each type of relationship has its own uniqueness.

Secret pointers to sustaining a relationship

Giving the other person their unspoken, deserved space

Every relationship functions properly when the people are given their space. It is very important to have this unspoken understanding with your friend, partner, parent or anyone who you share a relationship with, that a little personal space is appreciated and important.

Try and become non-judgmental

To have a supporting, reliable, content relationship with another person or even your own self, aim at being non-judgmental.

Your loved ones will want to share their troubles more, will trust you more and connect with you more if you make an effort to become non-judgemental.

Give and receive equally

In a stable and happy relationship, it is very important to have a two-way street of sharing, giving and receiving. One must not only be the giver in a relationship but also to keep in mind that being stagnant, inconsiderate and just being on the receiving end is not fair. You can’t control the other person so play your part well, in loving and feeling loved equally and rationally.

Be responsible for your happiness

A great person once said that in a relationship it is not the responsibility of the two people to make each other happy. Their duty is to just worry about their own happiness. When two people are responsible and are working towards their own happiness and sharing it with each other, the relationship itself will keep getting better day by day. What doesn’t work is assuming that the other person is responsible for making you happy.

Never stop practicing self-care

One must never stop putting prioritizing themselves because the most important and long lasting relationship anyone shares is with their own self. Taking care of oneself is not selfish, it’s essential.

Pampering yourself, showing kindness, consideration and love towards yourself is the key factor to having a pure and satisfied relationship with yourself. Then you can be a joyful person and provide happiness to other people in your life.

Life is more beautiful with good relationships

A good relationship nurtures us and also needs to be nurtured. A plant needs to be watered regularly to nourish it, to keep it alive. If a plant is not regularly watered or taken care of, it stops living.

Respect your parents, collaborate with colleagues, love your partner, share with friends. You will find that your joy grows manifold.

Our relationships are like plants. We need to regularly shower ourselves and the person we share a relationship with, with love, care, affection and kindness, that’s like water.

In the end, our mental health depends on the way we treat ourselves and our loved ones. When we are happy, at peace and our mind is stable then that reflects on the relationships we keep in our lives.

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