How to stop procrastination and achieve your goals


Omkar Rai


Most of us have big goals for our life and career. But we are often not able to achieve them. Why?

One big reason is procrastination. Everyone has put off tasks at some point in their life. If you struggle with doings things on time, try any or all of these tips to get you on track. Review these rules and principles regularly until they become firmly ingrained in your thinking and actions, and your future will be bright.

1. Plan day in advance

We have all heard the saying: 'Failing to plan is planning to fail'. Think on paper. Every minute you spend in planning can save you many times the effort in execution.

2. Apply the 80/20 rule

20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results. Always concentrate your efforts on that top 20 percent. These tasks may be the most difficult, so you may feel the urge to put these off for later. But actually, these are the one you probably need to finish first.

3. Prepare thoroughly before you begin

Have everything you need at hand before you start. Assemble all the papers, information, tools, work materials, and numbers you might require so that you can get started and keep going. This way, you won’t have to get up three times in the middle of your work session to find the things that are needed.

4. Take it one step at a time

Most of us get intimidated by looking at the size of the goal before us. Whether it is preparation for the exams or finishing up that major work assignment, we get scared when we see there’s so much to be done.

Well, how would you eat an elephant? In bits and pieces, right? You can accomplish the biggest and most complicated job if you just complete it one step at a time.

5. Identify your key constraints

All of us have some weak areas and that is okay. Determine the bottlenecks or choke points, internal or external, that set the speed at which you achieve your most important goals, and focus on alleviating them.

6. Motivate yourself into action

Be your own cheerleader. Look for the good in every situation. It might be difficult at first, but it’s much more advisable to depend on yourself rather than someone else.

Focus on the solution rather than the problem. Always be optimistic and constructive, and avoid negative self-talk.

7. Slice and dice the task

Break large, complex tasks down into bite-sized pieces, and then do just one small part of the task to get started. When you accomplish one sub-task, you’ll get a feeling of satisfaction and a boost in confidence which will allow you to move forward with greater momentum.

Make a decision to practice these principles every day until they become second nature to you. With those habits of personal management as a permanent part of your personality, your future success will be assured and you will be able to reach the heights you always desired.

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How do you counter procrastination?

Rohit Chopra
Thanks for the wonderful article Omkar. I try to overcome procrastination by using a checklist daily. That way I am able to plan my work schedule 😇
Omkar Rai
I am glad to know that it helped you.😊