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Shreya Raj

Psychology & Mindfulness Expert

Overcoming insecurity is simple. Not many know how because not many know how the mind works. Insecurities arise when the mind adopts a belief- any belief. You must remove your beliefs by questioning them-seeing some falsity in them. And when your beliefs, on by one, start to fade, so will your insecurities. When all your beliefs have faded, your mind will return to its natural blissful state.

- Adrian N.M.

Insecurities are but-natural; each and every person has them. You are not and will never be alone in feeling insecure about something. Insecurities get the envious side out in people and it’s full of annoyance, frustrations, jealousy, negativity and what not. Whether it’s feeling insecure of someone else, or feeling that you are not good enough, it varies with each person.

The positive outlook of insecurities is that, when a person is insecure about something or about someone it just means that the person is strong enough to have something in their life which they want to protect, so much, to ever get this feeling.

Insecurities, if taken in the right sense, push a person to do better, to be a better person, to come out of everything that they fear and all these things just make a person emotionally strong. Insecurities can push you to shed your inhibitions and come out stronger from what was holding you back.

Ways to overcome insecurities:

1. Identify your insecurities

The first and foremost rule to getting rid of your insecurities is to identify them and label them. It will be easier overcoming them once you know on what you have to work on. While doing a task, meeting someone, or while doing any activity, whatever makes you feel insecure, brings up negative feelings or makes you feel less of yourself, note it in your mind or in a diary.

2. Forgive the past

The most important aspect to overcome any insecurity is to forgive your past. We are so readily forgiving with others but we don’t practice that habit on ourselves.

Sit by yourself and just ponder over all the mishaps and mistakes that were caused by you and one by one forgive yourself for each and every one of them.

Once you forgive your past and the shortcomings in the past, you will be able to move forward with your life and eventually the insecurities set up in your mind would fade away too.

3. Take care of your needs first

Practicing self-care maybe the one way and one very important journey you will have to cover, to overcome your insecurities. Putting yourself first doesn’t always mean that you are selfish, it means that you value yourself, respect yourself, and believe in yourself, enough to know that in your life, YOU are the one who should come first.

Do the things which you love and enjoy more, that’s going to bring you happiness and make your insecurities about yourself, go away. Don’t just use a Sunday to pamper yourself, or take it as a ‘me-day’. Let everyday be a day for you.

4. Engage in positive self-talk

Who is a better cheerleader for you than yourself? The power, capability and strength that you hold in motivating yourself can be compared to anyone else’s support. Be that person for yourself, the person who you are when other people come to you in need.

Positive self-talk before doing a task or in troubled times can do wonders to a person.

5. Tame your inner critic

Know that the inner critic doesn’t always play the role of the bad and negative character in your life. When taken in the right spirit, it can help you build yourself into a better person and push you to work on all your shortcomings.

Tame your inner critic in such a way that it moulds in every troubled situation you face in life. So instead of pulling you down, it gives you the push and you learn and rise with every mistake you make in life.

Final thoughts on insecurities

It will definitely not be an easy process, and it could take a considerable amount of time to overcome every insecurity that lies in your life with baby steps. Every time you feel like giving up, tell yourself that you have to start somewhere. So, begin by focusing on one single area of your life that you feel insecure about.

Know, that your long-term success depends on how committed you are to follow through with this till the very end and till you have conquered all the insecurities of your life.

Remember, you are enough, you matter, you are important, you will land up that job you have been longing for, you will get everything that you have ever dreamed of, just have trust in the moment and in yourself.

You are strong and maybe you haven’t realized it yet, but you will, just have faith in your strength and everything else will fall into place.

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Vijay Laxmi
I always insecure about my best friend, I have fear to lose him and if anyone talk with I feel insecure and jealously I have tried so many time to reduce my insecurity, I tried so hard to rid my insecure and now I m little bit Okk