How to learn anything super effectively – Part 2


Umang Chhatrola

Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) Teacher

With the proper strategy, even complex subjects can be mastered easily in a relatively short time. Here are a few more guidelines to accelerate our learning process.

1) It is important to do 'active' reading. Just passively reading the text won’t help us retain much information. Instead, we should actively read footnotes, diagrams, etc. We can highlight important points and summarize the content in our own words. It is also good to refer the same topic from other books and resources. Additional information and insight can expand our interest and retention.

2) Involving all major senses in learning, greatly accelerates it. We can play with the information by reading it aloud, creating charts and mind-maps, writing it down, etc. Using whiteboards to summarize or recreate what we learnt can be very helpful.

3) After reading an important topic, it is very helpful to close our eyes and recall the content in our mind. This process helps us to transfer the information into our permanent memory. It is good to revise what we have learned regularly, ideally before bedtime.

4) It is also very effective to switch the subject after every study session in case of exams. Every subject requires the dominant usage of different unique areas of the brain. So, it makes sense not to use particular areas of our brain for too long and allow them to rest while using other areas.

5) We need to have a monthly, weekly and daily plan for the syllabus/books that we intend to cover. Having clearly defined goals helps us to stay on track. Having a schedule also reduces a lot of stress. If we are reading/learning purely for self-development purpose, even then having a target is extremely helpful.

It is also important to be clear about the purpose of our learning. Our motives matter a lot more than we may realize. By having a clear idea of why we wish to learn something, we can learn faster and avoid roadblocks like laziness, boredom etc.

Happy learning to all of us !

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