How to end 2019 with a big bang


Paridhi Laddha

Psychology Associate

We have all read quite a few articles on how to start the new year with a bang, but at Zifcare, we say, let's end this year with a bang. In order to start something fresh and new, we need to make the end beautiful and smooth too. Everything ends eventually. How we do it is what counts. Learning the art of ending things well can make life smoother.

Given below are few ways of how we can conclude this year in a better way:

1. Examine

Say it with us (and Socrates): 'An unexamined life is not worth living.' It’s beneficial to sit down and take a look at events and choices that led us to where we are in life at this particular moment in time. Was there anything that could have done better? Are there self-destructive habits we need to let go of? When we look back, we not only take time to acknowledge our actions and learn from them; it also helps us identify certain situations, people, or patterns that may no longer serve us.

2. Let go of resentments

Let’s do whatever it takes to let go of the things that no longer serve us. We need to make the effort to have a healing conversation with a friend or family member with whom we have had bitter relations or caused ill feelings; we can communicate with them about how we feel. Or simply choose to let go of the resentment and start afresh. Either way, we will go in the new year with a clean slate and an open heart, by finishing off any and all unresolved matters.

3. Take a look back

Before setting goals for the new year, how about we take a pause and acknowledge the accomplishments made this year? This is one important point we always skip, we all have new goals but we don't take a moment to appreciate our growth and progress this year. Let’s celebrate how far we have come.

We will have had a number of successes in the last twelve months and it is important to acknowledge them, small or big. At the same time, we can learn from those things that did not quite go the way we had hoped. This self-acknowledgment and appreciation will be a great platform for starting the New Year. We deserve it. As usual, being grateful for the goodness already in our life makes it possible for us to receive even more. Celebrating our successes is also a key step in having the confidence to take on new challenges in the New Year. Let’s write down some of the highlights of all the good things that happened to us. We may be really surprised by just how much quality and happiness we have actually had this year. We should write down all our achievements such as ‘I gave up junk food’, ‘I started my own blog’, etc.

4. Forgive ourselves

This is a piece of advice we have to constantly remind ourselves to practice. We are our own worst critics. It’s so easy to beat ourselves up for so-called failures. So maybe we didn’t get the promotion we were expecting. Or maybe we feel like we didn’t work hard enough to achieve our goals. Perhaps a relationship we put so much energy into, ended in a bad way.

Sometimes, we can be so kind to other people but so hard on ourselves. We are all perfectly flawed. And we have to love and forgive ourselves despite our faults and flaws in the same way that we love and forgive others in spite of their imperfections.

5. Make the people who fuel us, feel special

We know the people who matter the most to us. It's so important to take time out to really honor these special relationships with friends and family. We end up getting just as much happiness and contentment out of these gestures as they will. And then let those people know exactly how much they’ve meant to us. Those who help us with an open heart often aren’t aware of how much of an impact they have – so it’s our job to let them know. And to give them the thanks they deserve.

6. Refine the wardrobe

Sort out the old and unwanted things and bring in new clothes and varied fashion. When we change our look, we begin to feel better and different and grasp a new identity; maybe of a strong woman or a gentleman. We can remove the clothes that don't fit us well or the ones that we don't like that much. Let’s get the trouser or shirt that makes us feel more like the ideal version of ourselves. We can also donate the old ones to the less privileged and make them happy. The joy of making someone else happy is priceless.

7. Plan a trip

We must sometimes take a break from the monotony and go out and enjoy for a while. Let’s plan a trip, long or short, doesn't matter at all, we can just enjoy the entire process. And celebrate New Year’s Eve by doing something that really makes us happy and energized. We can go partying or camping or trekking. We can do whatever we really love and just breathe freely. We are alive here and now, and the future is blazing in front of us. We will let 2019 go and open our heart wide for all the loving, learning, and living in 2020.

8. Reconnect with our 'Self'

This is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves: reconnect with the self. Let’s introspect about life, relationships, growth, aspirations. Having a clear mind will give us a lot of internal peace and clarity in life. Let’s practice gratitude for everything we have at the moment.

9. Make a list of everything we’re still afraid of and set it on fire

If there’s anything we don’t want to bring into the New Year, it’s uncertainty and fear. We may have a few apprehensions going forward. But we also have the power to realize that none of that has the power to stop us. As the year draws to a close, let’s allow our fears for the coming year go up in flames. We won’t let them dictate our future.

10. New goals

This is, of course, our favorite point, new goals.

We can and must set New Goals and a Vision of what we want to accomplish this year. We can make a vision board of everything we desire and wish. Also, a pro tip- Making just 1 important resolution is fine, but we must stick to it for the entire year – that seems too simple but is most effective if adhered to for the entire year.

Let’s recharge ourselves before the New Year kicks in. No matter how the year ends, let’s just remember that we’re fortunate to be alive to see another year. And next year we can make it even better.

What the new year brings to us will depend a great deal on what we bring to the new year.

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Surbhi Sharda
Amazing 💯💯❤❤
Rohit Chopra
Truly excellent read. Going to try some of the techniques myself, specially the achievements. We are so busy criticizing ourselves that we've forget what we did really well 😇🤓
Shresth Maheshwari
Well written 💯💯🔥🔥